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  1. One month ago, I informed you about how the deleted scenes on Episode 10 had problems with the video files on the Humble Bundle Download. Yet I am wondering, how long does it take to repair and replace the file? It's been one month, and I've sent messages to Double Fine's email address and to this forum. Can you please tell me when the file will be ready on the Humble Bundle site? Because I am very keen on completing the set, given that the first deleted scene of Episode 10, the one with the playback problems, is the only file I need left to complete it.

  2. I wonder, has the problem with the Deleted Scenes from Episode 10 been rectified yet? If I could get a rough estimate of when the revised files are going to be available on Humble Bundle, then I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. I recently purchased the Double Fine Adventure DLC from Humble Bundle. Yet when I downloaded the deleted scenes from Episode 10, I encountered a problem. When I extracted and opened the first deleted scene, the Brainstorming one, it cuts off at 44 minutes, even though its supposed to last nearly 2 hours. I downloaded the deleted scenes, first through the straight download method, and then through a torrent via Humble Bundle, yet still end up with the same problem. Is there some way of fixing this problem, if it amounts to a problem related to the file's authoring, and if there is, how would I be able to download the fixed file? Would there be a torrent I would need to download? I really need help with this!
  4. I just recently received a copy of the complete Double Fine Adventure Documentary series, having received it as part of the Humble Freedom Bundle. Wanting to expand my horizons, I am thinking of getting a copy of the Double Fine Adventure DLC either from Humble Bundle or GOG.com. What I am wondering is, does the DLC include the SideQuests videos, so I can complete my collection, and if so, would it be with Humble Bundle or GOG.com? I really would like to know so that I can plan ahead for the future. So if anyone can help me, please let me know.
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