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  1. My point exactly. I do not yet own a PS4. Do you not see the problem? This laptop was not built for gaming. It has issues running Psychonauts 1.
  2. I want Psychonauts 2 but I don't have a PS4 and I flat-out can't pass this bad boy up.
  3. Sub-three, good going! Speedruns are fun. I can never get flying to work, and I'm not sure whether I'm doing it wrong or if my non-gaming laptop just can't keep the framerate high enough.
  4. Shit is one of the most arbitrarily-defined swears ever. It's one of those "because I said so" swears. I get some words being taboo because they refer to topics that aren't considered family friendly, such as the F-word, or a particularly harsh insult, such as the B-word. Although I kinda think it's dumb that we've created this big ol' taboo around things concerning the F-word, such that acknowledging the action's existence is considered raunchy and scandalous, that's just what we've done for some reason, and that's a subject for a different time and place. So are all words that have been uttered by Raz fair game? Edit: Forgot I had another question. How strict is this forum's policy on necroposting?
  5. Ah. That's interesting. Wonder what kinda character's mind would have a talking toilet in it... Neat! That's gotta be the most entertaining set of rules I ever read. I was kinda hoping for a solid confirmation on whether or not I can curse here. I guess not? I haven't seen anyone else do it.
  6. As a former fan and now just sort of occasional watcher of Death Battle, I don't take too kindly to RT. Never heard of this Funhaus thing.
  7. Sick! Didn't think I'd see anyone from there here given the lack of replies to my Psychonauts thread.
  8. I loved the way percentage completion was integrated into the narrative as a ranking system. That was absolutely brilliant, and I hope that's done again here. Should be pretty easy to explain: it's your PSI Cadet ranking you've reached 101 with, so there could just be a scene where Raz is like "Why am I rank one again?" and Nein or someone else explains that that's his Psychonaut ranking, not his PSI Cadet ranking. I've heard that Banjo Tooie gives you all the abilities you acquired in Kazooie at the beginning, leaving only new powers to find. I'd like it if this game followed suit, although that may complicate things for new players. I also hope to hear far less crying. Come to think of it, I am appalled that Psychonauts 1 didn't make a pun about mental gymnastics, unless I missed it.
  9. Howdy. Name's...it's right there, you know what my name is. I hail from the ScrewAttack forums, on which I have the same name, and may therefore spout annoying VS-related bologna from time to time. So far, Psychonauts is the only DF game I've played, and I hope to change that sometime soon. I'm hyped as can be for Psychonauts 2 and really wish I had the means to play Rhombus of Ruin. Like, seriously. I only played Psychonauts for the first time a matter of weeks ago, completing it 101% days ago. I absolutely adore it, and can't wait to see more. I'm almost glad I played it as late as I did so I'd be waiting one year for the sequel instead of 13. Is there, like, a set of rules for this forum anywhere? I can't find one.
  10. I really, really hope this game is released on the Switch. Super Mario Odyssey has basically rendered buying a PS4 a non-option for me, at least anytime soon. I'm already missing out on Rhombus of Ruin because holy heck that PSVR is expensive, and I really don't wanna miss out on this. My PC is not built for gaming in the slightest so that's not exactly an option either.
  11. So, uh, on a similar note, does the fact that you can access the minds of Boyd, Edgar, Gloria, and Fred after the tower explodes confirm that they survived it?
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