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  1. I can't go past the title screen

    I was really really hoping that there would be a solution here. I'm having the same problem. It loads up to the screen where it says "Press Enter" Sometimes it plays background music, sometimes it doesn't. But it freezes up my computer. I can open other programs with shortcut keys, but can't switch to them. Including task manager, and the only way to get out of it is to do a hard reboot. (By holding in the button until the system turns off, which I really don't like doing) I purchased it on steam and have tried everything from changing the compatibility from Windows 8 all the way to Windows XP. I tried in window mode. I found a forum for nvidea saying to change it in the control panel to force it to use nvidea card, but all do the same thing. I also own broken age and costume quest and they both just run perfect. I had run this game fine on my laptop... well, not fine. My laptop is a piece of crap, and playing the game was more frustrating than fun. So I was excited to finally play the game on my new desktop. (New to me, it's a 2007 model, intel duel core 2.4 ghz, 2 gigs ram with nvidea video card with 256 mb of video ram. It's way more powerful than my laptop. I've been waiting years to play this game correctly... well.. years to play the game, and now years to get it working right. Any help? I want this game to work so bad...