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  1. Oh joy. I did *not* figure that out. So, stop turtles from spawning before playing with the programming. Got it. --- Meanwhile, I've played with Beam, YouTube, and twitch streaming. I think I'll stay with Twitch for now.
  2. Joy. So I was trying out, hoping to make use of their 0-latency streaming to eliminate the 20 second twitch lag. A recording of that session is starting at 11 minutes in. But ... The room with the re-programmable turtle spawner, before the swamp king, is crashing when I'm setting the spawn behavior for the new turtles. This is well before the bombs. What can be causing this, and how would I solve this? Steam's "verify files" says that the files are fine.
  3. Alright, looks like my first attempt at a streaming let's play will be ... oh lovely. Next saturday is april 1st, a great day to be a computer fool :-) FWIW: I'm trying to get "" to work nicely. So far no luck. Twitch has issues with both locksup and long-delays. Let me give youtube's live streaming a test this week...
  4. ... it is entirely possible that I placed two bombs without realizing it. And no, I did not think of going back in time. I just deleted the corrupted save.
  5. I am thinking of doing a Let's Play playthrough, and I wanted to know if there was any interest. By "Let's play", I mean "Let Us Play" -- taking ideas and feedback on things to try from viewers. This would either be live streaming chat, or video comments. The only rule: No spoilers, no "answer giveaways". I have played enough to get to the bombs, and gone into the code rooms, but did ... something? to mess up the save (going into the code, and coming out, with no change, breaks it). So I'll have to start over. This will be a chance to suggest silly ideas, or to come up with "Hey, what about X" without having to play all the way through to that point to try it. So anyone want to watch and play? (Yes, I am talking about "twitch plays Hack-n-slash" or something like that :-).
  6. Right now, 1.0.0 of HnS forces low-resolution mode on the mac. I attempted to add an info.plist property to say that it can handle high-res mode, but it did not work (still has open in low res checked). Here's the problem: I run my Macbook in "Looks like 1024x640" mode. At 50+, my eyes do not like tiny text. Hack does not use tiny text, so much as it uses the available resolution. At higher resolution, the game displays the text sharper. Inside the algorithm rooms, and especially when using bombs, the resolution at 1024x640 windowed mode is unreadable. In full-screen mode, the game is very readable -- but it's also using what I think is the highest resolution, and the performance is noticeably hurt (movement is uneven, especially in those code rooms). (NB: 16:9 for 1024 wide is 576 tall.) If I use a 720p external display, the slightly better resolution (576p vs 720p) makes all the difference -- it's readable. But my external display is not in front of me, but off to the side. What I want to do: Use retina mode (works like 2048x1280), and get effectively 1152p resolution on the screeen in front of me. But I cannot figure out how to make this happen. Has anyone managed to hack hack to support the better native windowed display? (NB: I cannot record in full screen mode.)
  7. The mac version, that I just got from Steam, downloaded and claims to be version 1.0.0. I know that there was at least one security patch, and I thought one bugfix as well. Did Steam give me the wrong version?
  8. So the first time I exit an algorithm room, the code displayed has not changed, even if the doors are opened. I have to go back in, and then exit (no changes on second visit) before the updated code is shown. Is this normal? Is there a simple solution? Mac 10.9.5.