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  1. Secret room

    The only idea I have is that "wish string" that I mentioned before. No one has yet figured out a solution.
  2. Official wiki?

    Ok, I'd like feedback please. https://hacknslash.gamepedia.com/Talk:Puzzles Apparently there is a meta-editor in charge of the whole gamepedia wiki site, and that person feels that a wiki is just one big spoiler, and no special spoiler markup is needed / nothing should be hidden from someone that comes by to get some information about a game. ... No other wiki works that way, that I know of; I know of plenty that have some sort of spoiler system. (AllTheTropes, for example). Basically, I want the wiki to be something that a new would-be player could visit, to find out about the game, without having anything ruined. Other than "grey on grey text", or something like that, I'm not sure what to do with that official stance.
  3. Official wiki?

    I'm starting to add stuff to the wiki, and I have some questions. Specifically, how much information should be revealed on the wiki? And, how do you mark a spoiler on this wiki? Right now, for example, the puzzles that I've seen described have their solutions given, in clear. At the least, it should be in a spoiler; should the solutions be changed to just hints or ideas? There's more than one solution to any puzzle (and you saw some of my unusual ideas)
  4. So looking around at the files, I noticed a bunch of layouts in the steam workshop folder. I understand that there's no tools for making new layouts, so making new rooms is difficult. But there seems to be a good supply of generic layouts in there. So how would someone write up a new room, with those layouts, and a simple puzzle? How would you put it in a steam workshop for others?
  5. Can you release any documentation on the .layout format now?
  6. Bug (I think?) in Tower Level 4

    I didn't even know you could hack the code for water / abysses until I saw that mentioned in a walk-through; I thought you could only modify rooms and such. But that room? I did what I thought was obvious -- I made the for loop from 1 to 0. Any reasonable language, that would abort before going through it even once. Lua though? Removed tile 1, and then aborted.
  7. Source code?

    So ... some questions: 1. Is there a way to turn the normal room code (which looks like compiled bytecode or something) back into Lua source, 2. Is there a way to access the visible source code in Data/Scripts in-game when it is normally only showing you stuff from Data/Content/Game (given that you can hack access to Data/Content/Secret, I suspect the answer is as simple as knowing how), 3. Will the in-game lua editing work on the source code files, or does it only work on the bytecode files? ... Some interesting stuff in there now that I'm actually willing to look. The unit tests shipped with the game? That's nice ...
  8. Secret room

    Idea. I was thinking about the wishes that Smash had me use after completing the game, to get the encrypted secret room book. What if the decryption key is one of those wish strings? We've got a number of "useless" things in the game to consider, such as a treasure chest that has nothing in it. What if the chest itself is the decryption string -- or more accurately, the wish name that refers to that chest?
  9. Official wiki?

    Is there an official community wiki for this game? If so, where? There is a wiki at GamePedia that starts by saying it is the official wiki at the top, but then says "not associated with the game publisher", not updated in years (still claims to be early access), and has an undeleted junk page about a 2011 dog show that has been there for years.
  10. Ok, Lets play will start at 10:45 pacific time, sat april 1st. http://www.twitch.tv/keybounce/ Promo video: https://youtu.be/063OdffeAB8
  11. Secret room

    Just a quickie: that sentence from the "messed up glyphs" puzzle (something like quick brown wizards something something), was that tried as a password?
  12. Oh joy. I did *not* figure that out. So, stop turtles from spawning before playing with the programming. Got it. --- Meanwhile, I've played with Beam, YouTube, and twitch streaming. I think I'll stay with Twitch for now.
  13. Joy. So I was trying out beam.pro, hoping to make use of their 0-latency streaming to eliminate the 20 second twitch lag. A recording of that session is https://beam.pro/keybounce?vod=1279146 starting at 11 minutes in. But ... The room with the re-programmable turtle spawner, before the swamp king, is crashing when I'm setting the spawn behavior for the new turtles. This is well before the bombs. What can be causing this, and how would I solve this? Steam's "verify files" says that the files are fine.
  14. Alright, looks like my first attempt at a streaming let's play will be ... oh lovely. Next saturday is april 1st, a great day to be a computer fool :-) FWIW: I'm trying to get "beam.pro" to work nicely. So far no luck. Twitch has issues with both locksup and long-delays. Let me give youtube's live streaming a test this week...
  15. ... it is entirely possible that I placed two bombs without realizing it. And no, I did not think of going back in time. I just deleted the corrupted save.