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  1. What is Knights and Bikes?

    Is there still no idea of a release date for this? - Expected 2018? - Steam says Spring 2017 - coming 2017?!
  2. Introduce Yourself

    Just wanted to say hi! New to the forum. Big fan of the games and community around Double Fine. Excited to be here.
  3. Knights and Bikes Screenshot Festival

    This is my first time posting and have been a huge fan of Double Fine's games. For some reason or another I never thought to be apart of the community. Then I saw Knights and Bikes... charming, wonderful and beautiful. And that it was attached to Double Fine as a "Double Fine presents" title. My decent down the YouTube rabbit hole of Double Fine started and was absolutely blown away with everything. Knights and Bikes rekindled my love for the studio, community and creativity that surrounds Double Fine. I am very much looking forward to seeing and playing this game.