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  1. Wouldn't a spear kind of weapon that could be crafted and re-picked wherever it fell + staying on creatures' bodies etc. better? Guess it's too late for this but melee here doesn't seem to be flowing well. Visuals are very good though.
  2. I actually like the neutral ground color. Would make creatures and other interactive beings more readable by being less saturated and more boring. Looking great, I hope you folks can squeeze some animation into it, will look even better then.
  3. Another voter here I really like the idea of simulated environment. How far you want to go with this? Will animals hunt each other etc.? In my opinion graphics and animations could be sketchy, even not colored line art. You can check out Dom2D's artwork for what I mean. The time could go into making more transition types and species which we would all like I guess. Just came to my mind, there is an interesting prototype SUNWARD on itch.io. Could be inspiration, I don't know. Good luck with everything
  4. Don't forget to use fire to boost durability! I really like the idea. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for response Yeah I understand that you don't want to get too much into it just yet. About multiplayer, couch co-op would be the way to go I guess if you want to stir it in. I can just imagine 4-player co-op chaos pushing and throwing food around being very much fun Watching again I felt like the commentator bit feels very extra. It would add a comedic effect true but I think this effect could also be added in other in-game ways.
  6. 1. Co-op multiplayer? (please) If multiplayer 1a. Throwing food at each other and catching in mid air with physics? 2. Chefs that are ingredients themselves? Chef broccoli or chef tomato etc. They'd have to jump in as the last ingredient Voted already so good luck, hope you make it
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