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  1. Quick update today! Here's a gif so you can look at where things stand with the level. Some changes from the last time we showed it, right? So Tyson, our FX artist, is experimenting with a lava layer on the bottom. The idea is that the game will be taking place at the summit of a volcano, and the lava provides the raw energy used for cooking. Here you can see some progress on blocking in the various ingredient stations, including green onion stalks, a log of fish cake in the dark steamer across the way, and some eggs hanging out in their spa bath. You can also see the timer up top, just a quick first pass of the game loop that got in last night. We're continuing to push in both art and game functionality. It will be a challenge to get everything looking as good as the concepts, and get all the functionality in as well. But heading into the back half of Amnesia Fortnight, we're confident that we'll end up with a pretty fun prototype at the end.
  2. Hey everyone, Filling in for a very busy @Asif Siddiky again today. We have continued to push forward on two big fronts. The first is getting gameplay up and running. We've had a basic blocked-in level to run around for a couple days now, but we're now nearly there on having a first pass on game rules and a win/loss state. No visuals here yet as things are super basic but progressing rapidly. The other big effort is continue to establish the look of the game. The concept team of Levi and Say are churning out beautiful images which are passed to our 3D modeler, Paul, to crank out and get in-engine. Here are a couple new creations from Say: Ingredient Station The ingredient station will hold the base ingredients you'll be using to cook a delicious meal for the god. In our prototype level, we'll be making a steaming bowl of ramen, so this contraption will distribute things like uncooked noodles, raw shrimp, and nori sheets for you to prepare. Sous Vide Hot Tub Here we have a sous vide "egg hot tub" for cooking the perfect soft boiled egg. Remember you're cooking for a massive god, so each one of these eggs on their own are bigger than a person. @Reid_Harris_Cooper asked yesterday for more info about gameplay. We're mainly focusing on time management and platforming aspects. Your challenge will be to get each massive ingredient cooked to just the right level without overcooking, and deliver them to the central ramen bowl in time. To do so, you'll have to carry the items to their various cooking stations around the level, manage multiple cook cycles at once, all while platforming between different platforms and sometimes in and around the cooking machinery itself. Your final rating, and whether a hungry god goes on a rampage across your town, depends on how well you do.
  3. Hey all, I'm on Asif's team helping out with the production side of things - team coordination, tasking, scheduling, that kind of stuff. I'm a big Iron Chef fan going way back and super excited to help bring this idea to fruition. We wanted to give you a quick look at progress today on the character. We got some basic geo in place courtesy of our modeler, Paul Moya, and some anims courtesy of Chris Lam. The idea behind the chef characters is that they're in the vein of an Anthony Bourdain-style rock star chef. Experts at their craft, but maybe also staying out partying all night. You can hopefully get a sense of that from his idle. The hope is that we'll do a female version as well. But with the two week time limit, we are focusing on this guy for now. The mustache just speaks to us, what can I say? This is just a first pass - the concept has evolved a bit already, and the model and anims will continue to get dialed in. One other quick glimpse just for fun. Since the game relies a lot on player movement and platforming mechanics, we're using Raz to prototype some gameplay! In this gif, programmer Brian Anderle hooked up a trampoline to an egg dispenser. Imagine the possibilities for all manner of crazy food machines hooked up to various acrobatic moves. See you tomorrow!
  4. Thanks! I haven't worked out the entire algorithm but the idea is to take into account everything that happens and try to react in a semi-realistic way. The sim could evaluate the produced game on things like: Scores across basic categories like graphics, story, etc. Committed features vs delivered features. Bug count That could be used to generate a score and an overall positive/negative review tone. You could do things like figure out (for instance) if graphics came in much lower than the other category scores and generate a comment about that. In addition to that you could have some flavor text based on your chosen genre and any theme or setting modifiers. It'd also be great to have some easter egg-like text if you went for particularly weird combos. The more we can do to generate something that feels tailored, the better the feature will feel. I think you'd get something like one 3-4 sentence review and a couple 1-2 sentence forum/Steam posts. The review would be like what I describe above, whereas forum posts would be a place to just go fully for humor. The whole thing would just take a LOT of writing to try and keep things feeling fresh for as long as possible.
  5. Thanks for the support! Yeah silliness is kind of one of the pillars for this games, so there are all kinds of ridiculous ways you could explain it away, and that is certainly one of them.
  6. Yeah, I think a lot of the charm would come from the reviews. "Man, Game Informer hated my goat parkour dungeon crawler!" It would take a lot of writing but would be pretty rewarding if you got like one line that directly references the weird combo you created. Co-op is the primary experience I'm thinking about. Overcooked had a solo mode where you manually switched between two characters. It worked, but was a bit clunky. The other route I can think to go would be to do a solo mode where other characters have some basic AI. Probably outside the scope of a prototype though.
  7. Hey thanks for the question. I use Overcooked as a model and see the basic gameplay as similar to that. So there will be some process required to produce "game value" in a certain area. Could be something as simple as holding a button, like cutting lettuce in Overcooked. So you're at the graphics station and hold "A" and some graphics thingy pops out. I think it'd be funny to randomize it a bit so it's always a little surprising. "Shaders!" "Resolution!" "Toon shading!" Of course you might produce bugs too and have to decide when's the right time to deal with them. To keep people moving, I think you'll be required to take the little bits you produce to a main server for integration. Not realistic at all to physically carry stuff around like that, but the point is to have a frantic experience with people tripping over each other. I also had ideas that some features could require contextual mini-games. For instance, a feature might require a "meeting" where all players have to get in the same room at once and do some button combinations together (or whatever). Stuff to break up the flow and prevent it from being a game where you watch people type on computers. All of this is of course just ideas at this stage, and it's all stuff I'd love to jam on with the team if we go forward.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm here to say hello and answer any questions you have about my pitch. The idea is really about taking complex game dev sims like Game Dev Story/Tycoon and distilling them down to a quick and fun co-op experience. Looking forward to talking about it!
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