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  1. Somehow ended up busy and didn't get around to doing an update yesterday. Tons of stuff is going in fast. Over the last two days it suddenly feels like we have a game. I spent yesterday working on combat. Last night I did my first rough tuning pass on all of the combat related parameters in the game. Today we reworked player movement while attacking creatures to have a little bit of lock on. We also added a second species of creature which adds more variety to the combat. The actual world is getting built out with awesome art. And today we were figuring out how to distribute the creature populations across the island. Some screens have been hooked up: title, pause, death, win. Death Screen (versions from yesterday and today) Some Gameplay (seems to be playing at 2x speed, guess I need to figure out how to make gifs correctly)
  2. Quick update for Day 6. My focus today was on looking at the combat and figuring out how I'm going to tune it along with tuning the trait ranges for the creatures. We had two exciting things in the world of audio - We recorded the ship computer VO and got our first sketch of the music. We also (in the last few minutes) got the first test of our trait graph. Here's our main character with some materials Trait graph - you'll see this between hunting cycles to visualize the average creature traits each cycle
  3. Today marks the halfway point of Amnesia Fortnight. We had a review meeting this afternoon to look at the current state of the project and figure out what the major remaining work is. Spoilers: it's a lot of work. But here are some fun pictures of things that have happened in the last 24 hours. Here's what happened when we swapped to a base creature model without any attached features Here are the fancy new features in our simulation tool level showing detailed info on their traits Here's what happen when you scale down a base creature body, but leave the attachments big (totally adorable!) Here are some concepts of possible attachments for showing off different stages of creature traits And finally, a screenshot showing the current state of the game. This is just a small test area, we haven't populated a full world yet. New art for plants, rocks, ship, ground, creatures, player character. Ground is going to have a more alien color to it eventually.
  4. We're tentatively planning on sticking some fruits on at least one type of plant that you'll be able to eat. Not sure yet if we'll have time to pull any of the plants into the genetic sim.
  5. Genetic Simulation Tool. I'm really excited to have this up and running. It generates a population based on our traits spreadsheet. You can sort them by different traits, remove individuals from the population, then run the reproduction simulation to see the new generation. We'll use this to iterate on our reproduction simulation quickly. (character art is placeholder, in case that wasn't clear ) latest concept for the character and some world objects alien plant
  6. Update for yesterday simulation tool level is now up and running a bunch of new environment vegetation player can now attack creatures and gain food from them first creature model added to the game rough version of player death some ambient audio created added more hooks for VO from the ship's computer
  7. I like the way you think! I love the idea of getting closer to real evolution than we're aiming for in this prototype. When I initially considered the approach of automatic speciation I was worried it would be too difficult to make stable in a two weeks. I also had concerns about making the process understandable and controllable by the player. In the prototype we are considering different approaches to mating (random selection vs. finding a very similar mate). I think finding a similar mate and requiring a certain degree of shared traits would achieve the system you described without much new work. Maybe I'll have a bit of time to experiment with it and see how it plays out.
  8. I'm pretty tired, so today's update comes in bullet point form: Creatures can now attack the player Player can throw objects at creatures to stun them We also added a timer to warn you when the radiation storm is going to arrive We made some decisions about the features we'll be putting on creatures to represent traits Spent time working out how big our island should be Ate some sour gummy worms Started modeling creatures and some vegetation for the environment New concepts of the player with a helmet that matches the crashed ship Did some planning to figure out all the gameplay work required for our current design of the prototype Our current running version of the game is all placeholder art, but I'll include a screenshot just to show what the prototype actually looks like after 3 days.
  9. I wanted to drop in and provide an update of development so far. It's been a fun and busy two days. Here is some of what we've been up to. Story / Setting The most dramatic update (based on the reactions of coworkers on other teams) is the work we've done developing story for the game. We've gone in a sci-fi direction. We start with the main character crash landed on an alien planet. This fiction works nicely for a few reasons. It removes some constraints on the types of creatures we can make since they're aliens. We're also using a periodic radiation storm in place of the literal winter I described in my initial pitch. You shelter in your crashed ship for the duration of the storm. But the radiation causes the creatures of the planet to mutate and evolve faster than normal. Design We've been having lots of design meetings. We've been thinking about what traits and behaviors creatures might have and what our player mechanics will be. Current version of player mechanics includes a sprint, pickup/throw (projectile attack), a sucking/harvest tool built into your suit that is used to capture creatures, and a teleport to get back to your ship quickly. Gameplay Tech We've divided gameplay tech development into two efforts: 1) Player hunting and creature behavior 2) Genetic simulation Both efforts are moving forward nicely. We have a character running around in a world and we're adding in some hunting mechanics. We have some basic creature behaviors for fleeing and approaching the player. We don't have real art in the game yet, just the placeholder mannequin from unreal. The genetic simulation is going to allow us to test out reproduction scenarios independent of the survival gameplay. The hope is that this allows us to iterate faster when tuning the simulation. Art We've been exploring how to construct the creatures, getting some terrain materials into the project, and starting to build some creature and environment models. We've also been iterating on a bunch of cool concept art. I'll post a couple concepts in a reply to this thread.
  10. Thank you everyone for your support! I'm incredibly honored to be moving forward with Darwin's Dinner.
  11. I'm not familiar with the Massive Chalice codebase, but I'll look into it to see if there's anything that would be easy to use. My gut feeling is that it will be easier to build a new system that's designed specifically for this project. But if the MC system looks promising I'll investigate it with the other programmers on the team. Anywhere we can leverage existing tech would be great with such a short dev cycle. The number and type of traits for the prototype are still open questions. It's one of the first things we'll need to figure out as a team once we start. The approach I'm thinking will work best at the moment is to have a few simple traits like you suggested (size, speed) and then also one or two special traits that are more rare and are either present or not on each individual (e.g. poisonous, spiky, etc). Thanks for your suggestions, questions, and support!
  12. Good point that upsetting the balance at some point will be important. The main way I've been planning on that is through mutations within existing species that crop up over time rather than a new species. The end result is similar to an invasive species, but it's more of an invasive trait within an existing species. Sudden unexpected traits in a species may need to be addressed quickly before they spread to a larger portion of the population. I like the idea of introducing a new species or a rival apex predator, but am trying to keep the AF prototype version tightly focused on the evolution mechanic. If I ever get the chance to make a full game out of this I think there would be room for those types of events along with environmental events (flood, drought, etc).
  13. I agree that it will probably be more interesting to upset the natural balance. I hope to tune the game so that players can select the play style that they enjoy.
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