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  1. Yeah, that's a pretty close interpretation of the concept. Revenue primarily determines how large a team you can hire, and by extension how many stories you can follow and report on. Each team member has their own motivations, morale, and skills. Also, the stories are grounded by facts, but you only have time to acquire a subset of them, piecing together the rest of the story. "Spotlight" is a great reference for information gathering and interviewing, as well as the thrill of following the trail of a story, risking upsetting powerful people, and contradicting public opinion to bring the truth out into the open.
  2. Thanks for pointing these two games out. They look like great reference (even if it's to avoid getting mired in the management as you pointed out) and they weren't on my radar. I'll definitely have to check these out. It's surprising that they didn't come up in my searches, but there's just so many games out there these days. You are correct that The Lunar Gazette would be less grim, by focusing on interacting with characters and leading a team of journalists in a democratic Moon colony. That's another way it's distinct from the despotic worlds of Paper's Please and Dear Leader.
  3. @maxbz You'd see the colony start around the size of a town and grow into a small city, possibly with other settlements nearby. There would definitely be a sense that despite living on the Moon, it would still be difficult to bring technology from Earth and everyone is trying to make due with what's available. I'd like to explore how that setting could influence a society. For example, the Moon's slow rotation could mean people experience cheerful roaring 1920's with 13 days of sun, and difficult 1930s depression during the long period of darkness. Not hard science fiction, but mixing the inherent silliness with some thoughtful scenarios. @Reid_Harris_Cooper I wouldn't want the management elements to distract from the focus on getting to understand the characters and your paper's place in the society as a whole. The business of running the paper is more useful as a mechanism for structuring the gameplay loop (preparing the paper daily) and giving context for your available actions (a reason to go around interviewing everyone). You'd have to take some extreme risks for the paper to fail, but gaining strong influence would be a difficult challenge, especially around the more divisive characters. Eventually, you'd hire more employees and be able to delegate the bits you have less interest in. Some players might love writing headlines and taking pictures, while others could prefer to investigate rumors and following up on the crime beat.
  4. @Smiles Thanks for your support! @Silvio: Some of the response to your actions would be quick - a negative interview or incendiary article would pretty clearly pit you against one of the game's characters or factions, and might win you the favor of their enemies. A favorable portrayal of speakeasies might not sit well with the police, but could get you a popular interview with bootleggers, for example. Other choices would play into the long game, as you sway public opinion. Competing newspapers and possibly the rise of radio would be an extra challenge for the full-fledged game, but goes beyond the scope of the prototype. The two-week focus would be on what you can accomplish as the Moon's only source of news. That said, you'd not be the only form of communication, as NPCs interact and consider rumors from the grapevine - more so if they don't see you as trustworthy.
  5. Each day, you'll collect information about what's going on around the Moon by dispatching reporters, doing interviews, and conducting in-depth investigations. That would consist of some adventure game / RPG dialog systems. Then you'll curate, format, and print the next morning's newspaper. As the NPCs read the news, it will impact the story branches and their opinion of you (and each other). Various sub-plots will come to light, and your choices will have an impact on the Moon's course of events. Everything will be a bit simplified in the prototype, as we try to best represent the core of the game during the limited time. Also, the final game would have a heavier emphasis on the simulation of events and NPCs and long-term arcs, while the prototype will have a bit more scripted branches that resolve more quickly.
  6. If you have any questions about The Lunar Gazette's mechanics, theme, or anything else, feel free to ask them here!
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