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    Concept Art

    Could you add the sfx switcher onto this menu instead of having it in the options menu?
  2. kyle3wynn

    Team photo!

    Here's my mugshot. Do whatever weird photoshop magic to it that makes you happy
  3. kyle3wynn

    Concept Art

    I would love to see this become a thing. I think custom music and SFX would work really well with this.
  4. I like the idea. I feel like voice chat is really good for getting a lot of decisions made and things sorted.
  5. I keep getting the "all connections in use" message on the IRC. Anyone know a work around besides just refreshing?
  6. Those lights are awesome. I think this table is a little hard to play though. I played it a bit and for the most part it was me battling against the table itself and the ball very rarely went to my opponents side.
  7. kyle3wynn


    Any MIDI files that you want me to either resample like drums or synthesize.
  8. kyle3wynn


    If you need any mixing on this let me know. I'd love to help.
  9. kyle3wynn


  10. kyle3wynn

    Sound Effects

    https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/pongball-assets/blob/master/SFX/kyle3wynn/BallHitPaddle.wav https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/pongball-assets/blob/master/SFX/kyle3wynn/BallHitWall.wav https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/pongball-assets/blob/master/SFX/kyle3wynn/UI-MouseOver.wav https://github.com/Double-Fine-Game-Club/pongball-assets/blob/master/SFX/kyle3wynn/UI-Select.wav
  11. I agree. It'd be nice to have some ability for pure skillful play along with the wacky-ness of the ramps,tubes and bumpers.
  12. I'm trying to find a way to play the old school Space Cadet pinball game (the sounds on there were amazing and I want to draw some inspiration from there) that was on old PCs but I've had no such luck. Anyone know how I can get that on a Mac?
  13. Let me know if you need any help with sound stuff for The Lost Dev Team. I'd love to help.
  14. Hi friends, My name is Kyle. I'm from Northern California (about 3hrs away from DF HQ) and I'm finishing up my Bachelors in Recording Arts. I'm primarily a sound designer(foley, dialogue, mixing, etc.) and composer/arranger but I also love doing design and management/production stuff where needed. I've worked on quite a few jams and student projects and that kind of stuff. I do the Twitter @KyleTheWynner and have this rad website (http://www.kylewynnsound.com) where you can see what I've worked on in the past. I'm also actively job hunting as well so if you get a lead, hook ya boy up. I'm super excited to work with you all on this. Let's make an awesome game!
  15. Hey Greg, Would the focus be more on the outdoors/kayaking or the conversations/relationship with the other person in the boat? The idea is amazing BTW. Voted for it, would love to see this made.
  16. Absolutely love this idea. My question is: what kind of things will the players be doing at each "station"? Will it be like start out at the design station then people do some programming and art and stuff?
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