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  1. General discussion

    That is absolutely incredible!
  2. Screenshots & Videos

    This is extremely cool! Amazing that you can kind of work out what it was everyone was doing based on the folders they spent time in.
  3. General discussion

  4. General discussion

    So good thank you everyone. Been the past two weeks of my year
  5. Screenshots & Videos

    Thank you for this amazing breakdown of each table and your experience!
  6. Mentor Schedule

    Good luck!
  7. Concept Art

    Good point!
  8. Team photo!

    I added myself to the team photo but feel free to do a better job!
  9. Team photo!

    I love don't hug me I'm scared and the photo is looking soooo good!!! I really loved little pink best buds but there aren't many good photos out there but here is my attempt.
  10. This looks so amazing! Good luck getting something up and running, the 100 person multiplayer is super exciting. I absolutely love the different explosion puzzles! Reminding me a lot of fat princess.
  11. When You Die

    I love the little angel halo being held up by a stick, these are fantastic!
  12. Concept Art

    I really like these colours and the soft corners!
  13. PongBall Dev Video Chat Meetup

    I agree it was a huge success and I'd love to do similar the next couple of days!
  14. General discussion

    Haha thanks. the 0hourjam is a jam that takes place during the lost hour when the clocks go back. Really fun but intense!
  15. General discussion

    Woah that is awesome! Would love to see the game! Have been considering doing a one or two hour LD jam tomorrow.