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  1. Introduce yourself!

  2. Introduce yourself!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Luis, but I mostly go by Nes online. I've worked in games for a few years now and have contributed to projects as a Unity Programmer and Gameplay Designer. Definitely looking forward to working with you all on Pongball. I'm on the east coast of the US so I'm hoping to have a lot of overlap schedule wise with a lot of you. I'm currently working on Blubber Busters with a bunch of really cool people and can hopefully shanghai one or two to contribute to the Community Amnesia Fortnight.
  3. Pongball Pitch

    What kind of communication tools will the team use? Discord? Skype? Any preferences?
  4. Pongball Pitch

    Yeah it's definitely a good base to work off of. Looking forward to seeing how levels mix things up!
  5. Pongball Pitch

    Oh yeah! Just saw that now. My bad haha.
  6. Pongball Pitch

    Here's a question: What do you all think about Pongball having tilt? Levels can have attributes and triggers that tilt the table, and players could add a bit of tilt themselves? For example; a ball can be rolling into someone's zone, and they're sooooo ready to hit it back, when all of a sudden, everyone else tilts in one direction and the paddle misses the ball. Extra game dynamics!
  7. Pongball Pitch

    Wouldn't Unity be more apt? Allows more complexity and ability to extend if we do want to work in more than 2 dimensions.
  8. Pongball Pitch

    Thought it'd be a good idea considering the paddles would also rotate maybe?
  9. Pongball Pitch

    So would each paddle be almost like tank controls? With the sticks controlling which side is pushed forward?
  10. Pongball Pitch

    It's totally doable. Can add a dynamic to the game where AI will maybe try to target each other specifically ie: if AI1 has X more points than AI2 and AI3, game mode is elimination/sudden death, AI2 and AI3 will try to knock out AI1 first. Lots of cool stuff can be done!
  11. Pongball Pitch

    Oh man I love this concept! I feel like it has a lot of room to wiggle because of the accessibility factor going on. Pong + Pinball = super familiar. Maybe we could have someone make a custom physical controller to play if there is enough time a la #altctrlgamejam? Would pong balls be able to move vertically in the space? Could create and interesting dynamic if you have to perform aerial moves and such. Definitely would love to see some sort of Thunderdome type level. There's a game being developed right now called Pinbrawl by a buddy of mine that has a pretty sweet execution on this idea, so would love to see the community's take on it. Traps and variable win conditions are definitely going to be a huge part of this from what I can infer. So much to look forward to! Would love to help out in designing or programming on this or any of the other concepts when they get picked!
  12. Loved all of the pitches! Can't wait to see what ends up winning.