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  1. lol wacky idea this would definitely make the game more interesting in the long run. I just imagine players going for a multi-ball power-up only to find that one of the balls is a pyramid shape or a big rubix-cube or a ROCK like in the Peanuts comic. LOL ppl might like that. I've been wondering if the objective is to hit the player with the ball (like dodgeball? plz add a "super shield" that launches the ball back at the firing player if it is, and "super shot" that goes through objects to keep things interesting). Or is it about getting the ball past the player to a specific goal (like soccer or hockey or pinball or pong)? Its been mentioned that there may be multiple boards so you literally can go anywhere with this--cool idea! Im off the next 3 days and super excited, so let us know when y'all get that github list. I'll be happy if I can help just a little bit.
  2. I really like this board. This game reminds me of "Breakout" a little, but with more people. The way this is designed, you could just have players shoot balls up the slides to score power ups (like "strong shot" or "super bumper" or just "multi-ball!!" if it's easier) AND the VERTICAL BUMPERS (not the round ones) could represent points or life. or whatever. Man this game looks FUN already! so jelly! Also "twinball" is the best name ever for multiplayer pinball lol man I feel like a real noob today.
  3. you could even take it in a hitman direction (with different costumes--maybe she could dress as a nun or somethin)...where having a vagina is literally a crisis. and you would have to sneak around to avoid harassment or cat calls or whatever the devil young women need to deal with nowadays...nvm this probly works best as a telltale like adventure game...So why didn't you just call it V.Adventure or something fun? NO OFFENSE I just thought there'd be some action in a game called V.Crisis...my bad. I play some preatty messed up stuff so I thought this would be like "Limbo" or "Inside" (y'know games that have hidden messages about the societies that play them,) but its okay if it's just about making friends and preatty characters too. I really like this the more I learn about it.
  4. so is this game about not getting caught "red handed"? like a stealth game or something?
  5. Is this where we volunteer to work on a game? or does that only apply to the winner? I don't have much experience, but would love to learn the basics--even if its a very rudimentary game like this, or pongball, I'd love to be a part of this
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