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  1. AF starts on a Wednesday, so we haven't even seen last TUESDAY yet. (And yes, for those that don't know, that means that AF is already over)
  2. Yeah they're more than a full week behind at this point. I know the humble bundle was scheduled to end not just when the games were done, but also when the documentary was done so we could see the final products we were buying. I hope that this doesn't effect the humble sales since only half of the 'daily' documentaries will have come out when the bundle ends.
  3. This seems like a perfect candidate for a mobile game (particularly local multiplayer on a tablet sounds like fun) but I'm guessing that is not on the table due to publishing issues? Is this strictly a desktop game? Depending on the control system you had in mind web may be an easy port (just something like itch.io would be fine). Throwing this out there now because I am assuming that you probably had Unity Matchmaker in mind but there is no WebGL support for that so if you wanted to also do web you may want to go with an alternate like Photon. As far as some design ideas to throw in the mix, maybe hitting certain pinball elements in the field will throw power ups (or downs) to one of the players/paddles. For example, shrink paddles, grow paddles, safety bumper, slow motion, frozen, spawn extra ball, etc.
  4. I'm in as a programmer, this will be my first time contributing though. Does anyone have thoughts about using Unity Collaborate? I haven't used it yet, but I have had to deal with merges on Unity projects which isn't always fun Will there be a Trello board or anything like that to keep track of who is working on what or are we strictly using the IRC channel?
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