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    Sound Effects

    Hi everyone, Yesterday I've shown people on IRC my toy-sfx idea and how I thought it'd work with the existing music theme. For anyone interested who hasn't heard it yet, it's at I've rearranged them a bit and cut them into individual effects, also added a few extra ones. Current list: 10 paddle sounds, 5 bumper sounds, 4 ramp sounds (2 up, 2 down, longer and shorter), 2 generic goal/point scored sounds, and I also thought maybe an ambience for when/if the ball gets a lot of velocity might be nice (this is a single sound for now but it will probably be split, power-up/tension loop/power-down). I tried attaching the archive to this post, but it's not in the accepted filetypes list, so I'll provide a link: http://lclhstr.com/wip/pongballsfx/pongball-sfx-20170414.zip Most of them are in the -10db to -2db range, I haven't normalized them or anything. I've also tried to come up with some descriptive names about what they could be used for. However, let me know what kind of other sounds would be needed, and any feedback in general is highly appreciated. The sound effects will probably need lots of reworks, so maybe for a while I (and anyone else doing sound) can post here on the forum? I don't know how good git/github are at wrangling binary data. Thanks, lclhstr
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