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  1. Yep, It is done. And i feel like in different ways. What I liked is the old music by Gone Jackals, old game, and the feel of the game. It is great, really. I could write here how good is that game, but you know it yourself. Literally, I just got back to ninety`s. What I did not like: Not seamless and not smooth transitions between scenes (hope this will be fixed, but it feels bad like music just tears up suddenly, you get ` sec of black screen and coming to another screen). Controls. Really, on old mine road controls felt like resin. I smash like a crazy with the LMB, and ben just hits 1/3 of a times. Old version i played on scummvm on my smartphone last summer did not get that issue, same as old version from my cd. Also I didn`t like FPS limit. I can understand when each frame must be drawn or rendered. Ok, but when subtitles roll jerky. C`mon it`s 2017. Backgrounds. Well, let`s be honest. Backgrounds are way much worse than characters. The look like they just been traced in illustrator. Still this is the best gaming experience I recieved in a few past years. Great thanks to DF! Now it is time to a walkthrough with commentary.
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