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  1. I have done a review of the game on Youtube ! In french ! If someone's are interested to done English sub, for me is ok
  2. Can i do a fan fiction? If was yes, where i can post it?
  3. We can make fanfiction. But my english is not very good for long text. I'm italian and french switzerland. If somebody can help me to translet?
  4. A world ready to be discovered And a dream they wouldn't die I'm ready to support and fight for another story of Full Throttle. Need to smell gas and hear bikes rumbling. thank you doublefine to make me dream again. We love you
  5. Finally got to play it! My thoughts...

    Lifting for corley and protein for the black biker
  6. And why not in episode?! Is can be a great game like sons of anarchy.
  7. Now is more easy for production, we have more space then before. Maybe we can see the character of brutal legend for a cameo.
  8. The same things on french, some sample are mix. Is nice to hear the lady voice of ben.
  9. Hello everybody! I ask if is possible in future, to see a real sequel or prequel of the game, story or universe of full throttle. after two games sequel unreleased (FL Payback and FL hell on wheels), we have finally one remaster of the game, with a good quality on three platforms how to play, maybe with this you can have an idea to do something Full throttle world is huge to use, is not so developed and we can see much more, another story character, sequel of Ben or prequel. Maybe a fighting game bike ! wow!!! What you need? crow funding, humans sacrificed? We are ready to pay for it :3 with a lot of money.... and humans! sorry for my bad english