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  1. Hey, I just want to say that I love this Amnesia Fortnight and I adore all the games that are being made; can't wait to play the final prototypes. I just wanted to give my two cents in regards to the editing time for these. I'm a full time editor in the UK and often have to turn around high quality edits in around 7-8 hours and it is totally doable. If the editor came in at midday and was given the mornings rushes and audio files to sync by the end of the day the editor should have got the editor should have made selects from the rushes, synced audio and then started the edit (4 sections; 1 per team, split up) and then the editor is given the rest of the days footage and audio at the end of the day (5-6pm) and then they edit all that together after doing selects and sync. Once they have a tight edit that's around 20-30mins (I would assume this is done by 8pm) it can be uploaded and shared. Really it should only take 7-8 hours a day to do all of this, I often have to turn around large corporate interview films in less time than this for large clients. It would also help if day 1 the editor just shadowed the documentary film crew to understand their methods and filming style; maybe even doing general DIT for the crew on that first day. Then the editor could do day 1 on day 2 and so on and then he'd be caught up by the weekend all things considered. Just my two cents anyway, its a super easy procedure in my opinion especially for a documentary series which starts every episode by saying these aren't fully complete/final videos from an editing point of view anyway. Editing is a careful balance between creativity and time management a lot of the time and these doc edits seem fairly straightforward to me so I'm a little shocked that the editor is bogged down - maybe he isn't working crazy hours like my method would suggest as that's the only way I could see the episodes being as delayed as they are now. Anyway, I do love the doc series so far and I can't wait to see more, I just wish they were more in sequence with the teams progressing so the conversation and suggestions could be more in tune with the teams themselves -- although I know thats not necessarily what the docs are about as they are more about documenting the development of these games up to their released prototypes.
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