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  1. Grim fandango android installation problem

    No news from doublefine support up to day, and no solution found.
  2. Hi! I recently purchased the Humble Bundle Great Adventures bundle, that includes Grim Fandango Remastered. So I opened Humble Bundle app, downloaded the apk, and installed it. Then, when I run the game, it starts downloading additional files (about 3GB). After the resources have been downloaded, it starts installing them, and here's the problem: the resources installation process is freezed at 0%, and does not proceed a single step forward (I also left it running all night long, but at morning it was still at 0%). Could you advise on how to play it? Note that I have a Xiaomi Mi5s with latest firmware (that is still marshmallow based), and Humble Bundle assistance staff has already been contacted (actually they sent me here, because they have no way to assist with this). Thanks and regards.