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  1. Steam key issues - RESOLVED!

    indeed! very nice lets go play kiln
  2. Steam key issues - RESOLVED!

    altough it's a bummer they never promised extra keys.... To make some bad start up and a more lively prototype game it would have been very nice if you received 1 extra key to give to a friend. because none of my friends wanted to spend $10 to play 1 prototype game, when the servers are empty.
  3. Kiln (Derek Brand)

    is it possible to add a chat function in kiln ? to talk to other players? like Franklyn mentioned and a server list perhaps to add people on steam ?
  4. guess we have to be a little more patient
  5. Kiln (Derek Brand)

    Great job and many thanks for this great prototype game! although i assume you already have some thoughts about this game, i've made some suggestions for further development!
  6. does anyone know were to find the steam key for kiln ? i only maneged to download kiln itself