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  1. It is very much in the works. It's not live yet because not all the details are ironed out just yet. I'm mostly trying to see how many people are genuinely interested so I can assess quantities, bonus items, incentives. There's a lot being talked about and sadly I cannot divulge any details as of yet, but the wheels are very much trying to be greased here and seeing support from fans makes it that much easier. Email me at elilrecordings@gmail.com Just saying you're interested. The more people who do, the more likely this will happen and when I see a fair number of people who want it, it'll go live for donations.
  2. The Gone Jackals Bone to Pick Remastered $10 digital $15 cd $30 vinyl $45 bundle of all three Would anyone jump on having the whole album remastered and sold in digital and physical formats?