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  1. I would be interested in this, as well. Crossing my fingers I can play multiplayer through Steam before the month is up...
  2. Yeah, not to sound rude, but my thoughts exactly. I understand things happen, but this is on the verge of being a bit much.
  3. Same here, thanks for the heads up.
  4. No worries, you guys have had your hands full it sounds like
  5. Yeah, as soon as I saw them added to my Humble Bundle page, I immediately added them to Steam... so... I'd need a new one for all of them if that's the only fix
  6. Anyone have any luck, especially Pikachewbacca...?
  7. What happens if you're one of the ones, like me, that used them as soon as they got them?
  8. I've been practically foaming at the mouth to play Kiln online lol, but yeah, I can wait a bit longer. I'm actually more concerned with Blowin' Up not even working at all for me; it crashes on startup.
  9. Tried Win7 and 8 compatibility mode, tried running the included vcredist_x86 (mine is newer, so it wasn't needed), tried running as Administrator, and I'm about to double check that my various dirvers are up to date, but I'm pretty sure they are. I even tried leaving the error message open and the black screen behind it changed to white, but never progressed any further (I was hoping the game was just locking up on startup and needed time).
  10. I guess the real question is: Has anyone been able to play this yet (other than the devs, of course)? I'll see if I can figure anything out, like driver updates or the like...
  11. Any news on this? I still don't have my games in my Steam library.
  12. Immediately pops up a window stating "blowinup.exe has stopped working". If I wait to close it, a black window will appear behind it, but immediately closes once I close the error message.
  13. I thought I'd be the only one... that's a slight relief lol
  14. Any clue as to why it's doing this? I'm on Win10.