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  1. Oh I thought that's where I was. Got a bit lost after confirming my new account's login via the email. Thanks!
  2. EDIT: Double Fine support got back to me promptly and pointed out that my graphics card is below the system requirements. I thought the motherboard's onboard gfx would be fine, obviously I was wrong. This game looks awesome, don't take my report below as an actual criticism of the game, any half decent gfx card should be able to do it justice (req: Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260, ATI Radeon 4870 HD / Intel HD 4000 Graphics, or equivalent). FYI A report of my first 10 minutes of the game that led to a total crash, dxdiag.txt attached (wait.. allowed files are png, jpg, gif only?? When I rename .txt file to .png, attach fails with an error. How are we supposed to attach dxdiag on this forum? Pasted to https://pastebin.com/0rYsVyFt but seriously guys, no .txt attachments?) Back story to my gfx card situation: my new 1080 card blew up last week (broken fan) so I'm running on my motherboard's onboard Intel gfx, Gigabyte z77p-d3 mobo, gfx drivers are the latest available from Gigabyte though they do seem to be from 2013. Maybe my gfx drivers are simply too awful to run this remastered edition? First time I ran the game it froze and died within 10 minutes. The intro ran fine up until the main character is taken outside by the business suit for a talk about the old man. I had used f1 to switch between old and new graphics many times through the intro so far. Screen went blank during the dialogue and I thought maybe it was for effect, but f1 to old fashioned showed me graphics of my guy being knocked out or something just for a second. Screen cleared to first interactive screen of the game, in old gfx, showing a dumpster and mouse cursor. I beat my way out and looked at a few things, switched to new gfx, seemed ok, I left the screen to the right As I walked to the bike, movement slowed to what seemed like half expected speed. Got to the bike to try it. During the 'pat self for keys' sequence, elements of the screen seemed to appear/disappear. By the end it was just my torso standing up, the bike and my head had disappeared. f1 to old gfx helped. I kicked the bar door and entered. Looked around and interacted with some items, still movement seemed slower than it should be. I went through full dialogue tree with the barman and decided there was nothing to do in the bar. Walked outside and looked for interactive elements or exits. Saw two exits near the center of the screen, one kind of 'up right' back to the dumpsters, and one 'up' to the road. I clicked 'up' to the road, character walked over that way and faced away from camera, and the game froze up. alt-tab didn't bring other windows on top (I was in full screen gfx mode but still this was surprising), ctrl-esc didn't bring up task manager, it took a ctrl-alt-delete to raise task manager, Full Throttle was not responding, I had to end task it to get control back. Game looks awesome, hope this is a one off Nick
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