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  1. Brutal Legend on PS4

    Maybe one day đŸ¤”
  2. BL2

    Brutal Legend 2? If we kickstart it again as I heard you did it once and failed.. Maybe try it again? We all need this game!
  3. Songs for BL2 Soundtrack

  4. Games these days.

    Whats this about all these new games coming out? Fortnite, How is that such a popular game when Brutal Legend is obviously the Best game and better than Any game out.. WE NEED BRUTAL LEGEND 2!! %#$@&! Fortnite we need to show these people what a real game is!
  5. All I want for christmasssssss is Brutal Legend 2......

  6. Brutal Legend Discord.

    May I ask what is DFAF
  7. Brutal Legend on Xbox One

    To be fair.. We don't want a remaster we want a new game? it said Doviculus has been defeated and the land is clean for now or something don't count my word on what i've just said all I know off by heart it says "For Now" this means theirs got to be another game coming out? but when they can't just leave the game how it is now.. I've been waiting for the 2nd game since 2009 I thought they would of released the 2nd game in 2010 but they didn't
  8. Brutal Legend Discord.

    I made a Discord to bring all the Brutal Legend community together and play some games To join the Discord it's here: (If in anyway you want this post to be deleted PM me and I will.)
  9. Rocktober 13, Ninth Anniversary

    Will Tim want to play this year?
  10. Brutal Legend on Xbox One

    We need brutal legend spreaded across other platforms!
  11. Songs for BL2 Soundtrack

    Loving The Ideas! Maybe a return of Cradle Of Filth?
  12. We need a sequel for the 10000th time! plus we are struggling on the players we need we need to promote brutal legend to show everyone how great the game is I have a group on steam everyone is welcome to join I will leave a link to join! I want everyone to join and help me! make the community bigger and better please help me make the community better.