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  1. After several months of trying to get Grim Fandango Remastered to install on my Shield Tablet LTE to no avail, I have finally figured out why it will not install. I have successfully gotten it to install, however this looks like a bug with the apk. I have a 64GB Sandisk microsd card in my Shield LTE tablet. Long story short, if I eject the microsd card, the apk installs without issue and the game launcher starts downloading the game. Even though, the installer does NOT install to the external microsd, nor does it give me any option to use it, the existence of the external microsd card seems to be causing the issue. Not sure why, but the existence of the microsd is the issue. I will notify the DoubleFine support person I have been working with. Hopefully, they can figure out why this is causing an issue. enad2000
  2. Hi, I have tried repeatedly re-downloading the apk file. I have downloaded it via the Humble app. I have downloaded it via a web browser on my Shield LTE tablet. I have downloaded it from my PC and coopied it over via USB. I have verified that the MD5 hash posted on Humble's website matches the MD5 check of the file after download are the same. I have downloaded it on my home ISP network. My place of employment's ISP network. File checks out each time. I have since seen the apk install and run correctly on a Shield Tablet K1 model. This unit has 16GB of storage. I have the Shield LTE model with 32GB storage. Other than 32GB storage, LTE radio and being on Marshamallow, the K1 Tablet and original Shield LTE are very similar. DoubleFine told me they have two Shield Tablets in house and that the apk for Grim Fandango works on both of them. Though I was not informed which model or models of Shield Tablet they specifically had in house. I do not have any antivirus or anti malware or other "nanny" type software on my Shield. Really at a loss. I am hoping that DoubleFine could provide some real technical device troubleshooting. Something as to how to figure out why my specific device does not like the file. Sme sort of real time debugging or other interactive deep dice troubleshooting. Best Regards, enad2000
  3. Hi, I see a similar topic already in the Forums. Last update is on May 7th though. I figured I would try and make an account and post on the forums. Both copies of the Grim were purchased via Humble on two separate Humble accounts during a bundle. I cannot get Grim Fandango to install on two of my devices. One is mine, One is my son's. A Moto G4 and an Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE. The Shield gives a flat out error that says "Parse error, cannot Parse package." The Moto G4 installs the 25MB apk but when you run the launcher, the download of the rest of the game just stalls. My son has about 10GB free on his Moto G4 of internal storage. My Shield has abuot 18Gb free but I cannot even install the apk to get the launcher that downloads the rest of the game due to the parse error. I have bounced emails back at support@doublefine.com but I am not getting any consistent response. I will I guess try to start again. It's frustrating. I can't get help from Support. Don't know if it's a spam filter thing or some other reason I am not getting consistent communiation.