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  1. Backer Reward Pictures?

    Have there been any pictures of the backer rewards? Specifically I would like to know what the $100 backer level rewards look like - the physical copy with slip case as well as the Raz mini-figurine.
  2. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    I haven't been able to find these, though I have heard this before.
  3. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    Thank you much.
  4. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    Is it possible for me to edit this post in order to start the list?
  5. Comprehensive List of Licensed Merchandise

    There are at least the tee/cards that were offered as preorder rewards. As well as the soundtrack vinyls, the Ras plushes, and his goggles that were included in a Loot Crate.
  6. Work in progress. Seemingly mostly complete. Physical Copies: Psychonauts, PS2, NTSC: Psychonauts, PS2, PAL: Psychonauts, XBOX, NTSC: Psychonauts, XBOX, PAL: Psychonauts, PC, NTSC: Psychonauts, PC, PAL (Two Versions?): Psychonauts, PC, Russian: Books: Official Strategy Guide: Clothing: Gamestop Exclusive Preorder Tee: Lili shirt: Whispering Rock shirt, Yellow/Pink: Raz shirt: Goggalor shirt, Green/Red: Hot Topic Psychonauts Tee: Audio: Cinematic Score CD: Soundtrack vinyl, Pink/Brain-Splatter: Other: Figurines (10): Merit Badge Pins/Magnets: Merit Badge Patches: Raz Pinny Arcade Pin: Raz Goggles (LootCrate): EB Games Exclusive Preorder Bonus Playing Cards: Poster (Two Versions): Raz Plush: Selected Scenes from Psychonauts DVD: Potentially licensed stuff: Green Whispering Rock Tee: Unlicensed stuff: Psychonauts Summer Camp Tee: Psycho Swirls Tee: Basic Braining Pendant: OMG Tee: Boyd's Milk Tee: