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  1. Thank you much.
  2. Is it possible for me to edit this post in order to start the list?
  3. There are at least the tee/cards that were offered as preorder rewards. As well as the soundtrack vinyls, the Ras plushes, and his goggles that were included in a Loot Crate.
  4. Does there exist a comprehensive list of Psychonauts licensed merchandise? Or could we create one here? I can start to make one here if I'm told one doesn't already exist. Physical Copies: Psychonauts, PS2, NTSC: Psychonauts, PS2, PAL: Psychonauts, XBOX, NTSC: Psychonauts, XBOX, PAL: Psychonauts, PC, NTSC: Psychonauts, PC, PAL (Two Versions?): Psychonauts, PC, Russian: Books: Official Strategy Guide: Clothing: Gamestop Exclusive Preorder Tee: Lili shirt: Whispering Rock shirt, Yellow/Pink: Raz shirt: Goggalor shirt, Green/Red: Audio: Cinematic Score CD: Soundtrack vinyl, Pink/Brain-Splatter: Other: Figurines (10): Merit Badge Pins/Magnets: Merit Badge Patches: Raz Pinny Arcade Pin: Raz Goggles (LootCrate): EB Games Exclusive Preorder Bonus Playing Cards: Poster (Two Versions): Raz Plush: Potentially licensed stuff: Green Whispering Rock Tee: Unlicensed stuff: Psychonauts Summer Camp Tee: Psycho Swirls Tee: Basic Braining Pendant: OMG Tee: