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  1. Maybe DoubleFine would make its own version (remastered) of Monkey Island
  2. Dear Double Fine, I'm not sure if I'm right here. As is certainly known, Disney had removed the good old games, Monkey Island 1+2 SE, from the App Store. Games like "Day of the Tentacle" and "Full Throttle" and of course the "Monkey Island Series" are my absolute favorites. I enjoyed Day of the Tentacle on my iPad very much. I hope that "Full Throttle" also finds the way to the iOS. I would be interested in whether DoubleFine could bring "The secret of Monkey Island" and "lechuck's revenge" back to the iPad? I do not understand why the two games from the App Store have disappeared, although they had worked great. I am looking forward to a feedback. Greetings Mike
  3. An iOS version would be great
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