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  1. Well it seems I took for granted a couple of things, from the amount of personal dedicated to customer support to the opportunity to improve over the originals in the language availability aspect. But I understand the budget reasons behind this. Nevertheless, I will take the opportunity to express my wish for this and other remastered versions to incorporate Spanish voices in the future. Thank you for taking time to answer. Cheers
  2. Hello. I bought dirt remastered some time ago because I wanted to relive this classic I played when I was a kid. I also wanted to take the opportunity to introduce my son into de world of graphical adventure games. But alas, our native language (that is Spanish) is not available for the voice acting part. My son seemed to be enjoying the game until my simultaneous translation killed the fun and the interest. When I saw you were releasing Full Throttle, which was one of my favourites, first thing I did was check the voice languages available. Although it was nice to see you widened the range to include French and Italian, I was disappointed to discover that, once agaim, you failed to include the third most spoken language in the world. The first being Chinese Mandarin and the second, English. I love Italian, but it doesn't even make it into the too ten list. Today Steam offered me a discount on Full Throttle, but I don't think I'm going to buy it until Spanish voice acting is added or my son gets better at English. And he's barely starting. Congratulations, anyway, and thanks for revitalizing this classics.
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