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  1. Ahoy-hoy! I'm Kaffebaggel a guy in his early thirties from Sweden. I want my music loud, my videogames quiet and my porridge just right. I make things over at Mammothtree studios and i am currently making a old-timey-lucas-artsy point & click game called Omnichronic. I also make loud noises in a band called Signo Rojo. I'm more of a listener than a talker but i'm working on it. Let's be cyber-friends!
  2. As much as i'd love a remaster of The Dig as i love the game, it holds up very well in it's original form so don't know if it's really necessary. Also i don't think Tim & co worked on that one so it doesn't seem likely for DF to do it. And then you have the whole "Spielbergs name being attached" -factor which can't be an easy thing to sort out.
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