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  1. Both wired and wireless 360 controllers work fine for me on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Check your drivers and verify your game cache
  2. The Thread of scrapped Brutal Legend-releated things

    Some Google-fu ("brutal legend filetype:pdf") led to the discovery of (Tim Schafer, by your good graces, uhh...evil! I mean evil graces, please don't send your legal team after me; I am but the messenger) a leaked document detailing texture and material standards (https://www.scribd.com/document/239011976/Brutal-Legend-Material-Standards). On pages 11 and 22 are the images
  3. The Thread of scrapped Brutal Legend-releated things

    First potential in-game proof of the Motorfreaks/Road Demon faction. Enable debug flying and start a new game (currently playing Brutal difficulty, not sure if that matters or not). After the mission "To Bladehenge!", head to the northern area of the second continent in the Jungle region where the arrow on the third image is. Under a tree is the Squealer with no Fletus. This might be one of the areas where you race him in a secondary mission (don't recall off the top of my head if that's the right spot or not), so it might be related to the mission and not the unfinished faction, but it is worthy to note that the Squealer does not appear anywhere else that I've seen thus far, nor does anything from the Hunter aside from the camp (which is part of the normal scenery).
  4. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    Update: Code is uploaded to GitHub at https://github.com/patrickmollohan/doublefinetool
  5. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    Highly recommend that guide and the previous one to learn the basics for modding the game! To elaborate on the file size, when changing the number of bytes of the files, (to my knowledge) the header (.~h) needs to be recalculated so the game knows how to find the files in the package (.~p). So far, making files smaller doesn't seem to cause issues (but not ruling it out just yet); unfortunately, the same cannot be said of making files bigger. For this example, use Double Fine Tool to extract the "Man_Trivial.~h/.~p" files. In the folder it creates, will be the file ".\gameplay\difficulty.DifficultySet". I can add up to 9 bytes to it with no crashing, but 10 bytes causes the game to completely lock up. This is because for some reason, the offset for the file data is recalculated for up to 9 bytes, but not for 10 or more bytes. For other files in the extracted folder, the limit is different (i.e. ".\gameplay\levels\level.LevelList" has a limit of somewhere between 4 and 8 additional bytes, but I haven't had the time to get a specific value for that file yet). On the plus side, it doesn't seem like adding bytes to multiple files affects anything, as long as you don't add more than the limit of each individual file. This is all from a couple days of testing, so this information may change in the future. I mention all of this because I'm hoping Double Fine Tool can be fixed to allow for infinitely many bytes to be added. I've attempted finding the author of the tool, but the only lead I have is to a Japanese blog where the tool was used to create Japanese translations of some Double Fine games. There is no working comment system, no contact page or information, no email address in any of the readme files for any other tools the author created, seemingly no way of communicating with the author other than desecrating a Google Sheets document containing translations for a different game (which would probably upset the individual). If anyone has a way to contact the author, please let me know. Due to having no way of contacting the author, I have decompiled the tool and will be uploading it to Github for anyone that wants to take a stab at removing this limitation. I do not claim the tool as my own, but this appears to be the only working tool that can unpack and repack Brutal Legend .~h/.~p files for editing and thus the best chance we have at modding the behaviour of the game unless the awesome talent at Double Fine would be willing to set us up with a more official tool (nudge, nudge, wink, wink Double Fine?). Rock out 'til you drop out! \m/