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  1. Art of Brutal Legend book

    does anyone know where i could possibly get the art of brutal legend book? i've been searching around but cant find it anywhere
  2. You can get it for free today on pc and keep it forever https://www.humblebundle.com/store/brutal-legend
  3. ooo, i saw those hud textures in the game files but not within the game itself. How did you get those images?
  4. Didn't want to flood the Mod thread so much so im gonna dump all the ''Scrapped Content'' i've found for this game so far. For one, there used to be Unlockable XBox avatar rewards - Then there's the old version of the map - Old images of eddie and ophelia, plowing through the drowning doom units in the Western continent, once again i believe it was a scrapped feature of them going into the western continent etc, also you can notice eddie doesnt have his guitar in ANY of these pictures Then you've got the old ''loading screen'' The Scrapped Faction ''Motorfreaks''/the road demons. then there was a shark apparently i think i've got load of other htings somewhere, will update post if i find more
  5. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    whew LAD even more things found. The game was originally gonna have XBOX Avatar unlocks
  6. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    Once again, did alot of digging through the files. im guessing someones posted these before, but here we go Old version of the map - This one was just named ''LoadingTexture'' Then theres these 2 images, which im pretty sure ALOT of people have seen, very early in the game im guessing, eddie seems to have had no guitar AND ophelia was with him when the drowning doom was around, including the drowning doom being in the Western Continent.
  7. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    Alright, after loads and LOADS of digging, i found a scrapped faction. ''FactionC'', The Road Demons
  8. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    I'll look around and see what i can find, i've found a SHITLOAD of scrapped concent, models, and even some concept art from some devs tumblr, some of those concepts being a Shark, and the Early Ormagodden
  9. Brutal legend Total War (brutal legend mods)

    alright now i know im EXTREMELY late to the party here, but, after i dug around the files for a bit, the extra 2 factions that were found in the files just turned out to be the Creatures, and Lionwhyte FactionA is Ironheade FactionB is Drowning Doom FactionD is Tainted Coil FactionL is Lionwhyte's And the last one is the Animals before anyone asks HOW i figured this out, heres audio packages in the /win directory, factionL has Lionwhytes sounds, and factionN has the animal footsteps,roars, ETC