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  1. Costume quest phone update?

    Is Costume quest 2 a 32-bits application?
  2. Costume quest phone update?

  3. Action Jobs Game

    I keep dying on the second stage
  4. Costume quest phone update?

    I played Costume quest one on my iPhone 6 for some nostalgia but I cannot play it anymore as 'the developer needs to update it'
  5. Costume Quest on the Nintendo Switch!

    This is a great idea But if they could only bring one game to the console I hope it would be the first one
  6. Stuck in the past near the end of the game...

    I have never completed costume quest 2
  7. WOW! This game is so much goofy fun!

    This game is awesome

    I am all knowing
  9. Costume Quest - Cartoon

    If this does not come out I riot
  10. Stuck after 5 hours

    R.I.P your 5 hours of gameplay, it will be missed. I am a broke kid so sadly I cannot fund a funeral

    *when you know your creepy treat cards came*
  12. Draw Your Own Creepy Treats!

    @Klatuu thanks your candy staples are brilliant for offices
  13. Everything costume quest!!

    I can't wait for the animated series of costume quest
  14. Everything costume quest!!

    Hi, I am a big, big fan of costume quest 1&2, as it is almost Halloween I decided to replay both games, I thought it would be a good idea to create a topic about anything to do with costume quest and hopefully gather the costume quest fans so we can talk about anything to do with costume quest