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  1. *That moment when you realise you have to wait another year*
  2. So I am a big fan of the costume quest series, some of my childhood memories are being stuck on the final boss of the first game and I was delighted to hear that there was going to be a cartoon series but I do have some questions: 1) When is it coming out? 2a) does it follow the main crew 2b) if so is it before the first game, during the first game, in the middle of the two games, during the second game or after the second game? Now I know the next one is a stretch and there is probably no answer for it currently but... 3) if the series goes well will be a follow up like a season 2? A third game? A remake/ remaster of one of the games or a film? So it would be really awesome and really cool if someone could anwser these questions but at the end of the day they don’t have to to tell me as it is private information and they do as they please.
  3. I am not certain but I think that there are no options other than the normal controller
  4. Thanks! Also great job of developing that game, I hope you get hired.
  5. Unfortunately it is not, I was just wondering if a port of costume quest 2 was possible to mobile.
  6. Is Costume quest 2 a 32-bits application?
  7. I keep dying on the second stage
  8. I played Costume quest one on my iPhone 6 for some nostalgia but I cannot play it anymore as 'the developer needs to update it'
  9. This is a great idea But if they could only bring one game to the console I hope it would be the first one
  10. If this does not come out I riot
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