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  1. those things are also fun to touch.
  2. bees would also win in a knife fight.
  3. Bees would beat Spiders in a street fight any day.
  4. Who missed me?? [Art included]

    not me
  5. did you even look at the site?
  6. by not thinking about the game
  7. . you guys are silly. from The Rules of the Game RULE 1: You are playing The Game. RULE 2: Whenever you think about The Game, you lose. RULE 3: Loss must be announced.
  8. i wouldn't say humorless. it's more real and the characters are people who you can relate to. if you''re not like them, you probably know someone who is.
  9. hm. draglade looks like a pretty cool game. i'll have to pick that up.
  10. I just got advance wars: days of ruin. i like it so far. does anyone else have it so we can share friend codes and play/chat and talk strats? or any other DS game? i want to play multi player games. it's fun.