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  1. Bees would beat Spiders in a street fight any day.
  2. . you guys are silly. from The Rules of the Game RULE 1: You are playing The Game. RULE 2: Whenever you think about The Game, you lose. RULE 3: Loss must be announced.
  3. i wouldn't say humorless. it's more real and the characters are people who you can relate to. if you''re not like them, you probably know someone who is.
  4. I just got advance wars: days of ruin. i like it so far. does anyone else have it so we can share friend codes and play/chat and talk strats? or any other DS game? i want to play multi player games. it's fun.
  5. thanks lemur. it's all about being in the right place at the right time and knowing the right people to go along with it, i think.... so... some characters... and... 3D? http://jake-h.blogspot.com you can view some other character turnarounds there.
  6. redefining a style and method. thinking about shape and having discrete colors that don't look like they blend into eachother.
  7. aaaaaaaaaaaaand, this picture (plus other illustrations that i've done) helped get me a job at an art house in San Francisco . happy happy.
  8. I can still paint. beehive interior )
  9. you gotta have a backbone and an opinion, and fiercely defend it. or no one will take you seriously. maybe any nay-sayers will learn something from the way you work
  10. hen drawing from life, I am ever present with the model, because to me, I am doing more than just drawing lines that resemble what I see. I am capturing their essence and personality on paper. their tension and relaxation. their attitude. their... being according to me. that moment will not ever come by again, so I am desperately holding onto it. Humans are creations of their experiences. whether it's experienced through someone else's eyes (reading a fantasy book, seeing a video of the first moon walk, listening to old people talk about the war), it becomes your own experience. and I choose to draw on these experiences and mix them up as I see fit. so when I draw a environment, I think about everything i can see and feel in that place and draw it as if i was sitting in it. same applies for characters. I imagine them with personality. how they would talk. what they would say if they were talking to me. how they would walk. what they would wear. i picture that person in my mind's eye, then I draw that gesture as though it was a model sitting in front of me. then add all of the pretty details. rinse. repeat.
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