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  1. Talking of survival horror the new PS3 Siren game looks suitably messed up and creepy, hoping that gets a localisation. I'd kill for a sequal to Eternal Darkness as well, that was epic
  2. Of course Passage or Underside matters not, since everyone knows that You Have to Burn the Rope is the ultimate win.
  3. What do you people do to your poor peripherals? My MX518 has been a loyal and faithful pointing/aiming device for over two years now and it still works like new.
  4. I may end up getting this, though I'm not overly fussed about it. The formula feels a bit samey these days, and I'm worried I'll never finish it. I got bored of SA about halfway through. I'd much rather get my hands on Mafia 2 than GTAIV, to be honest, as that's looking awesome.
  5. Suddenly the ground collapses, and you fall into a massive network of passages under the earth. It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.
  6. And now a joke. Venn ist das nurnstuck git und slotermeyer? Ya! Beigerhund das oder die flipperwaldt gersput!
  7. To be honest I think DF's next game after BL should be the Double Fine Action Game. Basically stars every character from the action comics in a game where everything can spontaneously explode at any given second. Edit: Oh, and Action Shark obviously. And the Info Cow serves as your guide and mentor, piloting your battlecrusier the Flying Llama, which serves as a hub between missions.
  8. A very good question. Thankfully Wikipedia can tell us more And now you know
  9. Sounds tasty. Some of the ingredients are a little rare though, know anywhere I can pick up some Volatile Malted Milk Impoundments? Not sure. The Cake Sphere might know though.
  10. I'm wearing my Weighted Companion Cube shrit right now. And eating a cupcake. :3 Ah, but I has a headcrab. And he is awesome.
  11. One 18.25 ounce package chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting. Three slash four cup vegetable oil. Four large eggs. One cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. Three slash four cups butter or margarine. One and two third cups granulated sugar. Two cups all purpose flour. Don't forget garnishes such as: Fish shaped crackers. Fish shaped candies. Fish shaped solid waste. Fish shaped dirt. Fish shaped ethyl benzene. Pull and peel licorice. Fish shaped volatile organic compounds and sediment shaped sediment. Candy coated peanut butter pieces. Shaped like fish. One cup lemon juice. Alpha resins. Unsaturated polyester resins. Fiberglass surface resins. And volatile malted milk impoundments. Nine large egg yolks. Twelve medium geosynthetic membranes. One cup granulated sugar. An entry called 'how to kill someone with your bare hands.' Two cups rhubarb, sliced. Two slash three cups granulated rhubarb. One tablespoon all-purpose rhubarb. One teaspoon grated orange rhubarb. Three tablespoons rhubarb, on fire. One large rhubarb. One cross borehole electro-magnetic imaging rhubarb. Two tablespoons rhubarb juice. Adjustable aluminum head positioner. Slaughter electric needle injector. Cordless electric needle injector. Injector needle driver. Injector needle gun. Cranial caps. And it contains proven preservatives, deep penetration agents, and gas and odor control chemicals. That will deodorize and preserve putrid tissue.
  12. {Suggestion}I don't need to see your identification. Move along.{/Suggestion}
  13. >UNNNNAAA FATSSSS!!!!!! I do not understand the word UNNNNAAA FATSSSS!!!!!! Consult the documentation for a list of recognised verbs.
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