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  1. Dear Sirs Up concerning the Nintendo Switch version of the game that has a glitch at Year 3 when operating the crane. Are developers currently thinking of making a patch to resolve this problem ? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi, I am playing the Switch version of GF Remastered and it glitches just before in the adventure. I try to leave the crane at one of both areas: Manny walks out, but I have no control on this, the sound effects play as if I was still in the crane, and the controls get me back into the crane. I did not do any other saves, so I am stuck here, except if I speedrun back to the same spot, and I have no time for that. Will there be a patch for this glitch ? Thanks It is apparently known:
  3. Dear Sirs, I tried to send you an email ten days ago but got no answer yet. I bought The Cave for iOS last summer on the AppStore, where it is said to be "compatible with iOS 6.1 or later", but it is obviously not compatible with iOS 11 as written on your website. Please help me to get my money back or to get the Mac OS version if the game for free (I really would like to play the game !). Thank you very much for your prompt answer.
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