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  1. Gorogoa finally has a release date! A lot of people have been following the development for a long time. I've been at it since I played the brilliant demo in 2012, after it won an Indiecade award. After 5 years waiting they finally announce the release date and it's for December 14th, just over a week from now!
  2. Battle Chef Brigade It's part 2D hack n' slash a la Muramasa, crossed with match-3 puzzle game. It's about an Iron Chef-inspired competition, with two chefs going head-to-head by running out of the kitchen, killing monsters, gathering ingredients, and bringing them back for cooking within the time limit. The combat is fluid and responsive, and the puzzles get increasingly more complex as the game progresses, with the introduction different types of gems, limited-moves gems, combos, and specialties which reward you for particularly difficult dishes. I bought this on whim based on the weird premise alone and I was not disappointed. Cooking and the Iron Chef competition isn't an easily ignorable backdrop. The story mode is the star of the show here, and they create a world that revolves around cooking monsters. My biggest surprise was how pleasant most of it was though. Almost everyone was super-friendly. It takes at least a couple of chapters for conflicts to get more serious. Before that we still have the competition, and they could've gone the obvious route and made every opponent an over-the-top villain, but instead they are all very sportsman-like, and quick to become friends with the main character. I didn't know how much I really wanted to play something this upbeat and lighthearted until it already got its hooks in me. Now I'm left looking for another fix, with no idea where to find it. Best case scenario: maybe the sales will be good enough that the devs can afford to do the updates they're planning.
  3. Hello, I was looking for nice forums to creepily stalk and someone recommended me this one.
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