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  1. When this game gets popular again ,it would be great to see a DLC story arc or dlc items What I think would be great in psychonauts 2 Obvious:: - Enchanced psychic powers which develop on the previous powers in the first one (probably could show that Tax has gotten Stronger/better equipped with his powers ) - if it is possible to customize Raz Even if we could just dye his clothes or even his bag -i was thinking maybe you could scatter pins/buttons which when the player collected they could pin onto Razs bag Main idea : If you could develop a sort of sand box room for the player to sculpt their own level (dreamscape) and they could post it online -by making the dreamscape it could relate to the brain as it suggests imagination A space mission(space is cool) would be great or atleast where gravity has no effect on the player (could suggest how unstable some characters in the game
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