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  1. I wanted to share with you, the community here, what happened to me last night. I was on a Hospital survival run, solo. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I was finally doing good and reaching the last tier of the 100 waves. Health bar was @ around 75%. Wave 98 was about to end and... I got my trench feet stuck between two rocks... Seriously. Happened when you look at hospital's front, towards left side of map. There's a road coming up and left of this, some kind of pathway that runs above the road. Coming down of this level, I got stuck at the bottom. Wave 98 ends. At this point I have literally paved the map with turrets. They are also up to 3rd level (probably 99% of them). I was having a real difficult time since a few waves to find a single spot where to lay anything. Wave 99 starts. Me >> panic mode, as you can imagine. The wave is ended by the turrets with no additional damage. Wave 100 begins. Panic mode has evolved into some kind of bi-polar disorder with drooling and spasms involved. Then I see from the other side of the map slowly come the tag of Tommies (the ones with the tail up in the air that send a little blue attack). Health bar starts to go down. Down. Down. I even put the controller on the table and walk away. Then I hear the last screech of the last tube and damage bar stops going down at around 50%. Turrets had done it.
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