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  1. My question is about Sam & Max legal licensing of the game - the original Hit the Road 1993 licensing. I know this is currently Telltales game - makes of episode 1, 2 and 3 - but I also know that Double Fine is known for making (still) classic point'n'click adventure games as 'remastered', and if anyone can, it's Double Fine. They still have a cordual relationship with Lucasfilm (or Disney) I assume, and know the original staff. As with Full Throttle etc, will Sam and Max (Hit The Road, the original) be remastered, or are they in development hell with multiple conflicting licenses? Are the recordings (of Bill and Nick) - which were 11k/16bit, very staticy and not being remade or edited - not due anytime soon? Would they be cleaned up or redone? If anyone could get Steve Purcell, Sean Clark, Michael Stemmle, Tim Shafer, or any of the other LucasArts alumni to comment on this? I don't have their email address, funnily enough I know this is a huge request - but I think about 40,000 fans would like to know if this game could *ever* be remastered? People who played computers durng the adventure gaming golden age still exist, and I would be happy to pay $50 for it. Please, please, please Thank you, thank you, thank you