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  1. Is there a specific part you're having trouble with? Right before the gas station on the second stage, there's a dense forest, and not much room. But like on real back roads, you can get through by following the natives -> Slow down and follow the other car thru the trees. After the gas station, the road actually splits into three routes. If you're having trouble with the center one, try the left or right route.
  2. THE STORY: I'm an aspiring game developer, trying to get a job at Double Fine. Just like all the others... To stand out from the crowd of two-headed baby fans banging on DF's windows, I decided to make a Unity game to submit with my application, referred to as "Project Sourdough." I took a class on Unity last Fall, and put in a lot of extra hours writing and planning this game. Every single class project I did was intentionally designed as a piece of Sourdough. However, Christmas came and went, and the project wasn't going well. It was overscoped, the completed portions were a mess... radical restructuring was in order. Because Sourdough would not have time to rise properly, I began work on Project Unleavened, which would be laser-focused on the topic of getting a job at Double Fine. I reused as much code as possible. Instead of writing an original story, I used the one at the bottom of http://doublefine.com/jobs as the basis for it. After two and a half weeks of crunch, I flew to San Francisco for my first GDC. I narrowly missed someone the first day at Day of the Devs, but in the following two days I kept searching and spent hours at that booth to find someone from Double Fine. In the end, I found a handful of Double Fine people and spoke with three of them. I gave some of them small USB Business Cards, styled somewhere between an Atari cartridge and an Activision Box. It contained the game and my resume. It's literally in their hands now. Here's hoping they bring me on board.. There is a lot more to this story, such as how I got a pass to GDC (thanks to Unity), and how I initially missed my flight to San Francisco (I thought it was over, but there's nothing you can't achieve through hard work and prayer). Whether I get the job or not, this has already been one of the craziest most fantastic adventure of my life. But the real reason I'm writing: I'd like to share that game with all of you. THE GAME: THE STORY OF THE GAME: You can play it in your browser here: https://sonictimm.itch.io/action-resume I hope you enjoy it. If you don't, I'd love to hear your feedback even (and especially) if you don't enjoy it. If I don't get this job, I'd rather know what works and what doesn't so that I can improve as a designer. Cheers!
  3. The mural is great, the Grim movie-style poster is absolutely fantastic. Then I freaked when I saw that you had the NeverhoOd, that game will always have my heart. These are amazing, thank you for posting
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