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  1. If there will to be a sequel for Brutal Legend. Which metal/rock bands and stars do you want to make an appearance?
  2. Ormagöden the band

    Did you guys know that there is actually a metal-band named Ormagoden? ORMAGODEN 34 subscribers 3 videos
  3. Brutal Legend on PS4

    I hope Brutal Legend will someday come out remastered on Playstation four. I never really got the chance to fully experience and enjoy the incredibility of the game. I haven't found any news that Double Fine will make it available on the PS4 but they managed to make Psychonauts, Full Throttle and Grim Fandango available on the console and Brutal Legend backwards compatible so why not Brutal Legend? But still, it gives me hope that Brutal Legend will come out remastered on the PS4 and it will hopefully get a sequel and maybe even a prequel.