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  1. Re-release? I will settle for a plain old regular release.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely a DF fanboy, and like I said I'll probably still be getting this game, but I'm also a realist and all this has left me very disappointed. Maybe it's because I'm not used to being disappointed by DF but I'm finding these delays very frustrating and I think I have lost faith in the company, even if its just a little. I completely understand that their hands are probably tied by lawyers from Microsoft or god knows where, but I've seen plenty of cases in the past where a company has been able to say something and nothing at the same time, they wouldn't even have to say they are trying to move things forward, just saying that they can't talk would imply that there is still some sort of process going on. As it is, wild theories and accusations are all we have, so you can't blame some of us for getting a little hyperbolic. I guess what I'm trying to say is I believe that making my concerns known and remaining passionate about the game is preferable to accepting this situation and letting the game fade from memory, and maybe somewhere along the line some answers will emerge.
  3. I'm willing to put all kinds of money on the game being delayed again. I wouldn't be surprised if they just cut their losses and never release it over here if that is the case, all this hassle is costing someone money after all.
  4. Classy. Whether or not you believe the people saying they aren't buying it, and despite all this I probably still will, if you can't see how these problems might have harmed DF's reputation amongst its fans in the parts of Europe that have been affected then maybe you're the one who has the wrong idea.
  5. This is ridiculous, what a bloody shambles. At this point I'm just waiting for the announcement that they're not going to release it over here after all.
  6. I don't think you understand what titular means. As said by Outscisor, a trench is a real thing, a mobile trench is something DF has made up for their game, the game being called 'Trenched' is the problem, if the game is called something else then it doesn't matter that it features anything called a trench. They could have every single spoken and written word in the game be 'trench' over and over if they really want to, it's calling the game that which is the point of contention.
  7. I'm pretty sure if you changed the name of the game to something else you wouldn't have to remove every iteration of the word 'trench' from the game, thats insane. The guy is making a case about war games called trench or trenched or similar, not that he owns the word trench now. Just look at Star Fox/Star Wing and other, similar cases where this has happened.
  8. Apparently the guy who owns that copyright has come out and said he will fight Microsoft to the end over the copyright because he plans to relase an ipod verison of his board game or something. Really starting to think it will never come out over here at this rate, but it would definitely be nice to hear SOMETHING from DF or Microsoft or anyone at this point.
  9. It's not out in EU countries for reasons which I think have STILL not officially been commented on, but so far the likeliest reason seems to be the copyright thing stated above.
  10. I will worry about their next game after their current game comes out over here.
  11. I agree that it is incredibly frustrating to have to wait this long for a game I've been anticipating for so long, but I'd imagine the reason it hasn't been released here yet is something to do with Microsoft, the publisher, and Double Fine haven't commented because of some contractual nonsense. Would still be nice to hear something, but what can you do?
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