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  1. Hi Vic, thanks for your response. With the announcement of the Playstation 5, if Broken Age ends up getting a PS5 port I hope a stretched fullscreen image option is included. I don't know how high of a resolution the game can be designed to run at, but a higher resolution would make stretching the image far less stretchy and much more native. As for the black bars, it just feels like the vertical letterbox display is way too squished and small and that the black bars are pretty huge on both sides of the screen, that's my opinion anyway.
  2. Hi TimeGentleman, thanks for the quick response! Work has been hectic and I'm just getting around to replying. So anyway, I partially agree with your reply, but I wish that Broken Age on PS4 had a similar fullscreen option as Grim Fandango Remastered, where there's an option to stretch the letterboxed screen to look like it's native widescreen (but at the cost of the image being stretched). Currently the only fullscreen option for Broken Age on PS4 is the "Horizontal letterboxed" viewing option, however the top and bottom slivers of the screen are cropped out so some of the graphics aren't within view. But also, from what I've read about the PC version is that it received an patch sometime after the game was released to have a natural widescreen/fullscreen viewing option, but i could be wrong about that.
  3. Greetings. So unless I've overlooked it somehow, there's no fullscreen option for Broken Age on the Playstation 4? The only two choices seem to be forced Letterboxing, either vertical with huge black bars on the left and right side of the tv screen or horizontal which does give fullscreen but at the cost of having the top and bottom of the actual video image cropped out. Any chance a patch can be released to make the game fullscreen or at least do a proper fullscreen port when the Playstation 5 comes out in the next year or two?
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