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  1. If this was a match you were going to do on the PS3 version, I would've signed on for it.
  2. Damn, it's been two months since someone posted here. Have things gotten THAT slow around these parts?
  3. Sometimes, topics eventually just kind of... Stagnate, and get pushed down into obscurity by newer topics or threads that get newer replies. It just happens. Go ahead and post your Factions anyway. Maybe posting one a day will help breathe life into this old girl.
  4. *steps in from [del]inactivity[/del] Lurkland* I posted it before(somewhere) here, and I'll post it again; there ought to be an option, starting at level 2, to add a pseudo-Motor Forge onto your stage. Then, for the cost of fans(maybe a sizable amount to offset how powerful this could be), you can add upgrades to your character/car, with more upgrades available per stage level. The battle continues moving in real time while you're in the pseudo-Motor Forge, though, so you wouldn't be able to take your time. The upgrades available would be; For your car: Stage level 2: The first Nitro+Armor+Performance/Engine upgrades, Machine Gun and Sub Woofer. Stage level 3: The second Nitro+Armor upgrades, Missile Launcher and Mine Dropper. Stage level 4: The final Nitro+Armor+Performance/Engine upgrades and Heat Seeker. The remaining weapons available depend on your faction; Side-Burners if Ironheade, Bolt Thrower and Eye of Sorrow if Drowning Doom, The Disgorger if Tainted Coil. For your character: Stage level 2: Razor's Edge, Brawlers and Super Shakers. Stage level 3: Destroyers, High Voltage and Pyromaniacs. Stage level 4: Shredders. The remaining upgrades available again depend on your faction; Eternal Fire and Steel-Quilled if Ironheade, Chain Lightning and Black Tear if Drowning Doom, Bloodlust and Soul Sucking if Tainted Coil. There's my two cents...*goes back to Lurkland*
  5. Are the Lightning Rods actually that good? They seem way too expensive and weak to me... less HP than Ironheade's Headsplitter, and less damage, but the same cost to summon. It's nice that they stun infantry with their attack, but it's not a big enough deal to warrant their expense IMO. What am I missing (And yes, I know they have a powerful DT attack... I just feel that I need to move around a lot on the field, and tying myself to one vehicle when the enemy Avi could be doing something somewhere else that I need to stop is counterproductive.) I use whatever unit I feel like using, except when I'm attempting to be strategic. But whatever, to each their own.
  6. Nah, they just want to create a video game that happens to have a whole lot in common with Brutal Legend, which was unintentional.
  7. Reminds me of a match I had with some dumbass way back when; I think he called himself "Bambino_Juggalo", only with numbers/1337-speak replacing some of the letters. I had about two matches with him over Matchmaking, and the last one I was playing DD(I forget who he played as) on Dry Ice Mines. Eventually I got out some Lightning Rods and decided to trip him up/distract him by sending those Lightning Rods after his stage. I ended up winning(can't remember if he surrendered, or I actually destroyed his stage). And then he sent a Message at me calling me a faggot, I replied, and he claimed that how I won was "so cheap, like playing a fighting game and using only kick"... I think. I emptied my box of messages a while back, so I can't remember exactly how the message went. I'd understand if I used that Buzzsaw combo or something, but I never even knew of that attack at the time. I just sent four Lightning Rods to his stage and he sucked too much to even distract them.
  8. I doubt that could snap the AI out of this glitch; It seems completely random the FEW times they snap out of the glitch, and they never snap out of it even if I attack their Stage.
  9. They're literally at almost maximum altitude whenever it happens, so I can't lock-on to Shocker them. I wouldn't know how to try and fix it for IH and DD since I only recall it ever occurring to me while I'm TC(and almost all the time, the AI opponent who gets afflicted with this glitch is IH); The Pain Lifters never reach them no matter what I do.
  10. I don't know/can't remember[at this time] the Forum's policy on bumping if there is any, and generally don't want to do this either way, but... I have no choice; I don't want to see this become a Necrothread when it's still perfectly fine. *bumps*
  11. I've never paid attention to it, but something similar happens to me, only more game-breaking(in a sense). Sometimes, for reasons I'll never know, the AI will occasionally end up... Stuck in midair. Exactly the same thing you described in that they're in their falling animation without actually falling, except they inexplicably end up practically at maximum altitude, far beyond any means of attack for me. So they end up stuck there, effectively ruining/breaking the rest of the match; They can still churn out units and have them move around and destroy my Merch Booths and stuff, but since the Leader him/herself can't move, they can't CLAIM those Geysers, and stuff. It was humorous the first time or so it happened, but now it just angers me since it technically ends the match by that point(which I never like).
  12. I've rarely ever played Online BL anyway, due to my bad experience with Boosters. I especially haven't played BL in recent days since I got Team Fortress 2.
  13. Holy crap, dude. You didn't have to type all of that, but I commend you for it. You should consider making a Faction; Putting that kind of detail into a Dossier would blow even my Dossiers out of the water. It all sounds good, but I have to say "no" to the detail where ranged units can attack it. It turns away non-ally units not only in terms of movement, but also turning them away from attacking or ANYTHING-it at all due to the sheer... Wrongness of it's existence; Said Wrongness is kind of undermined if ranged units can kill it. The "units can only pass via DT" bit sounds fair, though, since maybe the Leader's immune to a Mouth of Madness by their ability to Rock overpowering the Wrongness. Lastly, the "will even run around the map if detoured" bit sounds good, if slightly more convoluted than what I originally imagined. Regardless of all that, I kind of look forward to what kind of Faction you can cook up.
  14. URK!... I should've remembered to put it into my Sig, but... Don't call me that. Call me MM. It's quicker to type, sounds better than just Metroid or Mewtwo, and it just plain angers me to be called anything other than MM(my full account name is fine, too, but typing out MetroidMewtwo is just unnecessarily long compared to just two Capital letter M's). And the only things about the Factions' Solos and/or stuff I didn't mention are things that should be obvious; They all fade over time. So the Mouth of Madness would wear off after a while, just like how the Agony Boil eventually blows up on it's own if it isn't set off, except the Agony Boil blows up roughly when it's cooldown ends, while the Mouth of Madness' cooldown is much, much longer. And besides, I said that the leader's unaffected by the Mouth of Madness and that they could run up and jam their [weapon] down it's throat, meaning they... Uh, well, they can.*goes and revises the Mouth of Madness Solo real quick* And I never said "This faction is not meant to be balanced compared to the game's current factions". It doesn't really matter if it isn't balanced compared to the in-game Factions, since it probably will never make it's way into Brutal Legend(a man can dream, though...).
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