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  1. Changing code in mods

    Progress! It looks like the issue with that example was the mismatch between code and debug.lineinfo. This version does work: local fileName = "Data/Content/Game/DorkForest/Rooms/BobTrap.lua" local disasm = scripts.disassemble(scripts.load(fileName)) local playMumbles = disasm.proto.protos[4] local code = playMumbles.code if #code ~= 305 then error("Wrong proto?") end for i = 95,305 do code[i-5] = code[i] end for i = 301,305 do code[i] = nil end local lineinfo = playMumbles.debug.lineinfo for i = 95,305 do lineinfo[i-5] = lineinfo[i] end for i = 301,305 do lineinfo[i] = nil end assets.overwrite(fileName, scripts.reassemble(disasm)) I figure a truly additive mod should also adjust debug.locvars in case some other mod examining the same function depends on that. (Not that there seem to be many mods doing this sort of thing, or that anybody is still trying to write new mods.)
  2. Changing code in mods

    In a game mod, is it possible to change the actual code in a game asset? I mean the disassembled instructions, as opposed to just replacing globals and such things (as in this example). All my attempts have just resulted in a failure to load the overwritten asset file, "Failed to load {file} (room may be corrupted)". A simple example: local fileName = "Data/Content/Game/DorkForest/Rooms/BobTrap.lua" local disasm = scripts.disassemble(scripts.load(fileName)) local code = disasm.proto.protos[4].code if #code ~= 305 then error("Wrong proto?") end for i = 95,305 do code[i-5] = code[i] end for i = 301,305 do code[i] = nil end assets.overwrite(fileName, scripts.reassemble(disasm)) protos[4] is the closure assigned to BobTrap.playMumbles. The deleted instructions 90 to 94 are -- SELF 10 1 291 -- MOVE 12 8 -- LOADK 13 43 -- LOADK 14 44 -- CALL 10 5 1 scene:speakLineLeft(alicePortrait, "Hey! You're a sprite, right?", "Default3") I checked that no JMP instructions jump past this code in either direction. So I expected this would just result in skipping one line of dialogue when Bob is freed. But entering the second room just gives the "(room may be corrupted)" error. Also, if I do get replaced code working, is there a good way to insert my own assembly instructions? They appear to be some class-like object, at least to support inst:GET_OPCODE_NAME() etc., but there's no obvious interface to create new objects of that type. Can I just copy one with the correct opcode type from another disassembled function and do inst:SETARG_A() etc.?