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    An odd creature that darts from social situation to social situation and then back into the shadows.
  1. Life size Tim Schafer wall clings. Neon 2HB signs. Double Fine Action Mouse Traps Durable bumper stickers that guys at the car wash can't &@%@ up unless they're dissolving your car in acid because you spent more money on a bumper sticker than you did tipping them. (My other ride is Double Fine!) Suntan lotion stencils of any of Scott C's characters. ... these are a few of my favorite things...
  2. So I know it seems early to start talking about designs... but I'm gonna toss that aside and start talking merch. Personally, I'll be happy with whatever the team wants to throw on a shirt, as long as one design is offered on one of those gnarly 3/4 sleeve baseball like shirts. Ya know, the ones with the colored arms and ring around the neck with a white body. I'm sentimental for the iron on glitter stuff but I'm not going to request the world here. *chuckles* Oh, and sales of shirts before the game launches... so we can be like little monkey billboards running around eeeking and oooking about how people need to run to their game store and pre-order the game so buyers know of the demand and buys tons of copies to fill that frothing demand. So what would you guys, gals, and androids like to see in the DoubleFine store? (And I think it's silly to even have to mention this but the belt buckle is a given. Doubles as a bottle opener too? You have made some very happy ginger ale in my fridge, Mr.!)
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