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  1. While I have no solution, I just want to point out that this isn't some bizarre freak accident. Also my Wired Logitech Rumblepad 2 causes the framerate to drop in the Cave. I only recently hooked up my controller again, and had no intention to use it for the cave, so it was no problem for me to just unplug it. But had I not read this thread I would've never even considered that a controller could affect the framerate in my game. So... thanks I guess, and I can confirm that this bug is indeed real.
  2. While many pitches were fantastic. I only voted for this game because I did not want my relative percentage of voteyness give it a better chance. Seems like it didn't work. I never realized it, but it's literally mindblowing that there are so few heist games. Computer games are perfect for this. I truly hope this isn't the end of this idea, because I want to see this happen so bad you can't even imagine. All the games that did make it to the final 4 are great though... just not the Knockover.
  3. I loved Full Throttle. It's short length never felt like a bad thing to me. It had great atmosphere, cool characters, really cinematic shots. It was awesome, and worth the cut in actual game. What I did LOATHE though, was the action scene. That didn't work at all, and was incredibly frustrating. Haha. [EDIT] I did play the game in ScummVM though, so maybe the insane difficulty was due to bugs in the behavior of the opponent.
  4. - The Sahara, an expanded desert with an oasis where people are settled, maybe some nomadic people on camels traveling around. There is not enough nomadism in games!
  5. Yes I have the latest DirectX and Catalyst. I run in a resolution I use for all my other games as well (1900*1200). But I've tried using a less extreme resolution, and playing it in windowed mode, didn't work. I haven't checked to make sure if it deleted completely properly. I'll try that. As for the DVD version: It's simply the European release of Psychonauts. Apparently us Europeans were more widely spread in having a DVD player at the time? (just guessing here). You can buy it in the doublefine store. [EDIT] I reinstalled, making sure everything was gone. Restarted the game (as I wasn't that far in). Second playthrough went all right, until I picked up Pyrokenesis over at Ford's Sanctuary. After doing the little tutorial I was back in the sanctuary, and the same glitch happened again. Some extra information that may be relevant. If the glitch happens, I have no choice but to alt+F4 out of the game, since the menus no longer work. If I then restarts Psychonauts, the same issue persists, already in the main screen where I choose to continue game and such.
  6. Hello, i have recently bought a DVD version copy of Psychonauts. But when I try to play I run into a strange graphical bug. Everything is fine, until I get to Oleanders training course where I need to do the target practice. As soon as the gate opens, all 2d objects (like the menu and figments) disappear, and the textures on raz disappear only keeping the normal mapping. I've tried reinstalling without succes. I've tried searching the forums without succes. So this is the link of a screenshot I took to give you an idea what the game looks like. http://s675.photobucket.com/albums/vv111/sirphoenixnl/?action=view&current=psychoproblem.png I run the game on a windows XP computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU at 3Ghz. 4gb's of RAM, of which XP can only use 3gb (since it's the 32bit version). My graphical card is a ATI Radeon HD 4870 x2. It would be great if anyone had any suggestions. Thank you in Advance
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