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  1. If this game does (which it will) get funded could you please all not get totally plastered that night and maybe spend That money on a Fig of a Bottle of Champagne' or something instead. j/k
  2. Simply because i have no money, otherwise i would. ''i did back Broken Age'' thou'!! because i had some money then.
  3. Having played the ass off every DF game to date have decided its time to fire up BL again, i had forgotten how awesome it is! any news on a sequel?
  4. Start Humming The beginning score of Frankie Baby's New York, New York getting louder as you go on. then, when the intro is done, sing as loud and as seth Macfarlene as you can 'Huey Lewis and the............... News' Then just go about you normal daily business.
  5. Hey sixposts, you must be devastated, dont let rip so soon, act II may be 3 time's longer! your rant is over. and you say Tim is a lier, so to that all i can say is 'HE LIEEEEEDDDDD A DONATION TO MAAAAAASIVE CHALICE OUUUTTTT OF YOUUUUUUUUUU' and btw, dont pretend that wasn't hilarious. i bet you missed out on the Guybrush Threapwood conversation montage in the 7th bird's nest!
  6. Maybe whoever typed up the credits was a Mass Effect fan? : ) or Steve Hawking.. (kind of takes me back to that tree for some reason)
  7. how MUCH longer though, i almost went along with the other guy just because i needed to know stuff plus if you did bang it out quicker then the geniuses would be able to crack onto the next project quicker! (so WTF did i say longer?) that dude was right! Im a F***ing Moron.
  8. Im prob not allowed to do this please support my new home pc support business by liking or sharing my facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/HomeComputerSolutuions i dont even know how to hyperlink it, Im ruined!! note: if im okay to do this then fellow backers please support, if i aint its because from the UK so dont know any better. another note: if i am, how do i hyperlink this url: https://www.facebook.com/HomeComputerSolutuions alternative note Alpha: if this new thread is annoying you AND your not from the UK, just ignore it. alternative note Papa/Beta: if its annoying you and you ARE from the UK, dont ignore it. P.S. they got my name wrong in the credit's so they kinda owe me one. its totally Hyperlinked it anyway? there Guy's know what there doing! 'these' - not me, them!!!
  9. Good and welcome, i bet im the most britisherester here thou'
  10. this is easy the best desktop ever, share yours!! otherwise you are Dead. (desktop, hit print screen key, goto app's, paint and click paste from the top left menu, save, come back here, send pic thro attachments, be a Hero.)
  11. That explains a lot. FYI, people from other parts of the world don't have as keen a sense for irony and sarcasm! but this was so obvious tbh, i was just hoping to get tim's attention'
  12. r u avin a giggle ther m8 ill bash ye fkin ead in i sware on me mum My Dad would totally have you's! lol (feel like im flying thro space for some reason)
  13. I wasn't trolling ( im from the UK) we don't even know what that mean's here, but i assume it mean's causing trouble, to be honest having finished the game 3 time's and frustrated that the 2nd episode was so far away i was bored and whilst my spag bol was on the hob thought id send a message. so if i have upset anyone i am sorry but if anyone want's a GO? ill smack the sh** out of the lot off you.
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