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  1. Not to menton that DF simply isn't big enough to create an MMO. The amount of work needed to create one with their current employee count (they're less than 100 people, right?) would be staggering. For example, the crowd behind Guild Wars have over 300 employees, Blizzards have around 5,000. The development of WoW (vanilla) took 4.5 years and 63 million USD. I think that one day it will be possible to fund MMORPG's and I'd love to see a BL one, but.. we're not there yet.
  2. Failkid

    RIP Lemmy

    I spent a few hours on a sketch I don't have the skills to really finish (why do I keep choosing scenes like these?), thought I'd share. RIP Killmaster.
  3. Failkid

    RIP Lemmy!

    A crying shame, he was an awesome musician and he will be missed. I am glad that he made it as long as he did though - 70 years is not a bad age for someone who lived such a harsh lifestyle, and he did his thing right up until the end... The man was stubborn as a rock! RIP, man. I hope your Heaven is full of beer and awesome hotrods.
  4. Eh, the whole brainwashing thing kind of really takes away all need for actual punishment. Think about it. We lock people up in prison for three main reasons - to teach them that crime's got consequences, to teach OTHERS that crime's got consequences, and keep them from re-offending while they're in there. 1) Oleander genuinely regrets his actions, 2) other tough guy criminals take one look at the blabbering, bunny-hugging cutesy fool and probably decide they don't want to push their luck and become THAT, and 3) he's as harmless as the cute fluffy bunnies of his sweetest dreams these days. Besides, he's probably worth more as a teacher than an inmate.
  5. Does the game come with a length of rope? I feel like I'd need it after that. I have a confession to make... I've been PewDiePie this whole time, and now I'm sad. So, ARE you the secret backer?
  6. You know in supernatural movies where the little monster girls always manage to shut down all the lights by their sheer presence? Ghost Aura: All electronics within a certain range temporarily fail, including lamps, electronically secured doors, non-resistant computers, and certain enemy weapons. May or may not come with a chilly wind and some randomly appearing frost.
  7. I wouldn't mind having those darker nightmares being an optional thing that you really have to look hard for (maybe even something that doesn't show up until you've completed the game once). Like Milla's nightmare - you wouldn't just stumble upon that and it certainly wasn't vital to the rest of the game or even Milla's character. Sure, it added some extra depth and was a really interesting addition, but it was just an extra puzzle piece that wasn't all that necessary to the bigger picture. I know that this would really strain the budget, but I love both the darker and the light-humored slap stick side of Psychonauts - I want to have both!
  8. Okay. That's too bad, but thanks to getting back to me.
  9. Lets face the sad, dark truth.. BL 2 is very unlikely to ever happen at this point. With a necessary budged of 30 million dollars and no backing from large publisher companies, I don't know how BL2, or even any significant DLC's, could ever see the light of day. This saddens me greatly, as Brütal Legend has a cherished, nostalgic place in my metal gaming heart... and even after all those years, I sometimes find myself thinking of all those things that could have been. Think about it... new armies, and new additions to existing ones. New beautiful and badass places to discover, new beast to slaughter and enslave as mounts, glorious new victories, heart-wrenching defeats, polished gameplay mechanics, maybe even a brutal overkill mode for that extra über difficulty... and it's all so very unlikely to ever happen, as BL was such an economical flop So why not give us the ability to mod the game, now when it's out for PC? I understand the drawbacks of releasing a mod creator kit, especially since DF used such a specific toolset for BL that they might want to keep for themselves. But at the same time, BL's been out for years now, and DF have likely polished their game engine way past the point where it was used to create Brütal. What say you, DF? Is there even a farts chance in a hurricane of there ever being a mod creator kit?
  10. Except for the Cool aid that makes you immortal... definitely drink that..
  11. Guys, if you are frustrated by the puzzle and stuck, there is a way to cheat and get around it. I spent three hours trying to solve it before I finally gave up and did this. I look forward to solving it for real once the bug is removed of course, but for now, there's just no logical solution to it and it is, frankly, a frustrating waste of time that requires dumb luck. In the end, here's what I did - I got the diagram from Carol, returned to F'ther, then saved the game just before I climbed the ladder. Each time I got the wrong answer, I would simply re-load the save file by returning to the main menu, and the game would boot me right back to the moment before I climbed the ladder. That meant I could easily find out which answers were wrong and then return to my save-file right away to try another answer for the same knot. I got by it in three minutes this way. Not the most honorable way to solve a puzzle, yes, but I don't think this puzzle is anywhere close to fair as it is... like I said... three freaking hours of guesswork, no thanks...
  12. I hope I won't come across as nagging, but do we have any new ETA's on the release of part 2?
  13. This what you're after? (I'm not exactly computer savvy) Processor: Intel® Core i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz Installed Memory(RAM): 8,00GB (7,88GB useable) System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
  14. I wouldn't call it an "army" per-se. But yeah, it does seem like the vast majority of Double Fine's forum community is anti-harassment, pro-diversity, and generally isn't up for joining some jilted ex's revenge crusade under the guise of promoting integrity and ethics via death threats to every industry woman we can find. And thank Arceus for that. I wouldn't call it an army either, more like the rare group of sane people on the internet. I don't care about where you stand on the feminist question. Not my problem. But just because you don't share my view on things doesn't exactly make it respectful to send people rape and/or death threats of someone and their family, you know? Who even wants that kind of gaming community? This topic is too infected. I don't think it ha anything to do with games anymore, it just attracted people who gets a kick out of pissing other people off. It is a really sad thing for the entire community, no matter where you stand. I bet half of those melicious comments aren't even made by gamers at this point in time.
  15. I can't play the game. It launches and successfully shows the DF logo, but then all I'm greeted by is the soundtrack and a black screen. Getting through to the desktop is a match for the task manager... I tried googling solutions but no avail, since most of them are for Steam and I downloaded it from the humble bundle without the Steam code. What do I do? (Windows 8)
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